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American Horror Story: Double Feature Teases A Chilling Look At Season 10

We may still be in the midst of the delightfully deranged series of one-off tales that is "American Horror Stories," but there's also a brand new season of original recipe "American Horror Story" on the horizon. The tenth season of the mega-popular anthology series is titled "Double Feature" and thanks to some new teasers released by FX, we're getting another look at the two monstrous halves of the upcoming installment.

The first half of the new season has been subtitled "Red Tide," which appears to take place in an idyllic seaside town that is plagued by sharp-toothed creatures that emerge from the ocean. The second half has a very different setting. "Death Valley" will presumably take place in the titular desert region and will feature a pretty ferocious batch of extraterrestrials.

Typical of previous "American Horror Story" teases, the latest are much more focused on style over the actual substance of plot or character. However, they do raise an interesting question about exactly how separate the two halves of "Double Feature" will be.

Will the worlds of Red Tide and Death Valley collide?

The official "American Horror Story" Twitter account has posted two short teaser videos in recent days, both of which are variations on scenes that we saw in the season's trailer. The first shows a nearly lifeless alien washed up on a beach where the ocean meets the desert. As the surf splashes over its body, the alien tries in vain to crawl away but eventually collapses.

In the second, a pile of black pills spills while an ominous bare lightbulb swings overhead. We then see several quick cuts of the alien and water monster creatures that have featured prominently in the promotional material for the season, including a shot of the two creatures swapping one of the black pills between their gnarly mouths.

The black pills have been the subject of major fan speculation. Some Reddit users believe that the pill imagery and the similarities between the two creatures could be a clue that both varieties were created through medical experimentation. Whether that turns out to be true, the new teasers do emphasize another key aspect of the "Double Feature" promotions thus far.

Although this season has been billed as telling two separate stories, all of the promotional materials feature the worlds of "Red Tide" and "Death Valley" colliding with one another. The first of these new teases sees an alien in the ocean, while the second has creatures from each half literally swapping spit. Even if each half has a unique narrative, we wouldn't be surprised to see these two stories tie together by the end of the season.

Of course, that's all speculation, and we won't know for sure until "American Horror Story: Double Feature" premieres on August 25, 2021.