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The Freddie Highmore Crime Thriller Flop Defying Odds And Heating Up On Netflix

If the world of cinema is to be believed, at any moment any of us might be approached by a grizzled treasure hunter who wants us to use our special skills to help him pull off the heist of the century. But if that extremely common and universal experience hasn't actually happened to you, don't worry, because Netflix can help you live that life vicariously through one of its new additions.

The Freddie Highmore starring thriller "The Vault" was added to the streamer's library on July 31 and it has already stolen the attention of viewers. At the time of writing, the film was in the #2 spot on Netflix's list of the top 10 most viewed movies on their platform.

Highmore plays Thom, a brilliant young engineer who gets approached by Walter (Liam Cunningham aka Davos Seaworth from "Game of Thrones") to help him recover a cache of Spanish shipwreck treasure currently being held in one of the most sophisticated bank vaults in the world. Along with Walter's crack team, Thom must not only figure out a way into the eponymous vault but also a way to escape with the treasure while eluding detection. With the World Cup in full swing, the team has the cover they need to pull the heist off. But the vault also contains one or two surprises that will test the limits of their abilities.

To say "The Vault" had a quiet release when it hit theaters back in March would be an understatement. However, as we've seen with so many movies before it, Netflix has given this hidden gem a second chance.

Fans of heist movies are likely to find something enjoyable in The Vault

"The Vault" comes from director Jaume Balagueró, who is best known for helming horror movies, specifically the terrifying found-footage series "[REC]." During an interview with freelance film critic Jonathan Sim, Balagueró revealed, "I've always been a fan of heist movies, with all its elements of suspense, action, and tension."

Although the film has a decidedly mixed Rotten Tomatoes score of 54%, there were plenty of critics who thought Balagueró delivered an engaging entry in that genre.

Richard Roeper of The Chicago Sun-Times called the film both "utterly preposterous" and "a sleek and well-choreographed effort." While he didn't think it lived up to the classic heist movies it draws obvious inspiration from, such as "Ocean's 11," he still concluded, "it has a cheeky personality all its own thanks to the unique target ... and a sparkling cast ..."

Similarly, Adam Graham of The Detroit News wrote, "The scene, the setting and the characters are all familiar, but 'The Vault' moves nimbly and efficiently through the motions. Consider this bank job a score." And, despite finding some of the film's beats derivative of other works, The Boston Herald's James Verniere called the movie "Fun, impressively shot and designed, and well-acted ..." and lauded it for having "genuine suspense to spare ..."

You can crack open "The Vault" for yourself by heading over to Netflix.