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Longmire Fans Hate This Surprising Character

Westerns have been a staple of TV and film for decades. Although they reached their peak during the 1940s and '50s, every few years another Western series pops up on television, creating new fans and putting the genre back in the spotlight for a little while — "Longmire" is one of the most recent examples. Based on Craig Johnson's best-selling novels, "Longmire" debuted in 2013 and starred Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, the no-nonsense sheriff in charge of the fictional Absaroka County in northern Wyoming. The series, which aired on A&E for three seasons before being saved from cancellation by Netflix, mixed in procedural show aspects from the small sheriff's department with personal and family drama to build out a fully balanced narrative.

Fans were drawn to the show, which signed off for good in 2017 after six seasons, for a number of reasons: the layered storytelling, the unique setting and breathtaking vistas of the Southwestern United States — New Mexico stood in for Wyoming in the show — and, of course, the characters. However, some vocal fans of "Longmire" have taken to Reddit to express their dislike of one character in particular, and it's not a minor character by any means.

Longmire fans think Katee Sackhoff's Vic became whiny and annoying by the end of the show

Deputy Sheriff Vic Moretti, who was portrayed by "Battlestar Galactica" fan favorite Katee Sackhoff throughout the entire run of "Longmire," was Walt's righthand woman. Initially a homicide detective from Philadelphia, she moved to Absaroka County with her husband prior to the start of the series. Over the years, the character would nurse an attraction to Walt and go through many ups and downs, including a divorce and a miscarriage. But not everyone was sympathetic to Vic or her problems. "It got to the point where I was annoyed with everything she was doing and saying," wrote Reddit user danthesavage. "The constant reassurance from Walt that she needed, treating him like a child constantly, making sure he was okay, the whole 'this could be the last time, why are we putting ourselves in danger again.' She was a complete flop by the end."

User ShivvyMcFly agreed, writing, "She got super whiny about everything," while user MintGiver acknowledged that they hated the TV show character but liked the version who appeared in Johnson's novels. Elsewhere, user TheTrueRory said that although they liked some of the changes that happened to the show when it moved to Netflix — including the shift away from the case-of-the-week format that drove the A&E era — they felt Vic and Walt both felt like "shadows of themselves" by the end of the series.

However, not everyone agreed with all the hatred being heaped upon Vic. "I loved Vic from beginning to end," wrote Reddit user pandaloon. "I loved her toughness, fearlessness, and moral compass. I also think the way the show dealt with her miscarriage was insightful." So while there might be something to the complaints about the way the writers treated Vic over the years, there's no denying she was an important piece of the "Longmire" puzzle.