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Is Danny Ocean Really Dead In Ocean's 8?

The "Ocean's" franchise set out to revamp itself with the 2018 release of "Ocean's 8." Featuring a whole new cast of new criminals who specialize in witty banter and heists, the movie is a reboot of sorts, though it doesn't forget about what came before. One of the connections to the previous films comes in the form of Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), playing the sister of franchise stalwart Danny Ocean (George Clooney). While she wasn't included in the previous capers, she keeps Danny's memory alive by acknowledging his existence in "Ocean's 8." 

Unfortunately for fans of her smooth-talking brother, it's far from the most positive revelation for viewers who had hoped he'd be living happily ever after following the events of "Ocean's Thirteen" — because in "Ocean's 8," it's revealed that Danny has passed away during events that occurred between "Ocean's 13" and the most recent movie. 

The news is confirmed within the first few minutes, with his sister discussing the matter during a parole hearing. However, it isn't revealed how he passed away, which begs a question that many viewers have pondered ever since: is Danny actually dead?

Could Danny have faked his own death prior to Ocean's 8?

Danny Ocean is, at the end of the day, a conman, through and through. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. With that in mind, it's not of the question to think he'd fake his own death for a mission. And while there's no confirmation to be found regarding Danny's survival, there are some key hints.

In "Ocean's 8," there's a scene where Debbie visits his tombstone, which just so happens to highlight how he passed away in 2018. Considering that "Ocean's 8" is set in that same year, it's bizarre that Debbie doesn't seem particularly saddened by the loss of her recently departed sibling. If he died then it would have happened not long ago, but Debbie doesn't seem upset at all. 

Debbie is then met by Reuben Tishkoff (Elliot Gould), an associate of her bro, and they talk about a plan to steal an expensive necklace at the behest of a mysterious "he." As Distractify notes, it's entirely probable — if not downright likely — that Danny is the mystery man and they're all involved in a plot that's being discussed in the scene in question. This implies, then, that the siblings could team up in a future movie.

Of course, it now remains to be seen if there will be more "Ocean's" movies, but Stephen Soderbergh has some ideas should the opportunity present itself.