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The Official Trailer For Star Trek: Prodigy Boldly Goes Where No Star Trek Series Has Gone Before

The first teaser trailer for "Star Trek: Prodigy" has finally made contact with audiences. The new footage from the upcoming Nickelodeon Paramount+ show was unveiled during the Paramount+ "Star Trek"-focused San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel on Friday. The "Prodigy" teaser trailer (watch here via YouTube) was one of two big reveals during the "Trek"-tastic panel, alongside the trailer for "Star Trek: The Lower Decks" Season 2. Fans of the "Star Trek" franchise and those looking forward to this particular entry in the ever-expanding "Star Trek" universe will also be excited to learn "Prodigy" will be released on Paramount+ this fall.

The first "Prodigy" teaser trailer arrives a little over a month after the cast for the animated, kid-friendly series was announced. At that time, we learned the series would star Brett Gray ("On My Block"), Ella Purnell ("Army of the Dead"), Angus Imrie ("The Kid Who Would Be King"), Rylee Alazraqui ("Doug Unplugs"), Jason Mantzoukas ("Big Mouth"), Dee Bradley Baker ("Star Wars: The Bad Batch"), and Kate Mulgrew, who will return as a new version of her "Star Trek: Voyager" character, Captain Kathryn Janeway. The first season of "Prodigy" focuses on one of the youngest crews of intergalactic voyagers to ever assemble in the "Star Trek" universe and the adventures they experience as they explore new planets and meet new alien species.

New species, new planets, and an AI Janeway

As you watch the "Prodigy" teaser trailer, what's clear right from the jump is that this show is literally going where no "Star Trek" show has gone before. This is shown in a few essential ways. First off, we meet Dal (Gray), a 17-year-old dreamer who longs to leave the life of hard labor he's stuck in and escape out into the cosmos in search adventure. We also get glimpses of other key characters — Zero (Imrie), Murf (Baker), Gwyn (Purnell), and Roh-Tahk (Alazraqui) — all of whom are either teenagers or children that we can surmise will cross paths with Dal at some point. 

Better still, longtime Trekkies know that all of these characters will form a motley crew that will put all of their unique skill sets to good use, as they navigate to new planets that have never been see before in any "Star Trek" project. But every character comes with baggage, which means this very young crew will also have to help each other overcome these obstacles so they can thrive together.

Luckily for the "Prodigy" team, they'll get some help from an A.I. version of Janeway (Mulgrew). Mulgrew is arguably the biggest draw for prospective "Prodigy" viewers, considering her deep ties to the "Star Trek" franchise with seven seasons of "Star Trek: Voyager" under her belt. We know Janeway has gone from the very human Starfleet captain to a training replica contained within the ship discovered by Dal in the trailer, but how did it all come to be? 

We'll find out on Paramount+ this fall.