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Why The Face Of Old Spice's 'Taking Stock' Commercials Looks So Familiar

A guy gets inside his girlfriend's (Gabrielle Dennis) head when she gets Old Spice Body Wash for herself. "Listen, this Old Spice stuff?" he says. "It's for men." She insists that can't be true if it's labeled "Relax with Lavender" — but it really is. Yet with the words echoing in her mind, she flies into denial anyway, trying to grab all the bottles out of the cabinet. As the slogan gently reminds viewers, "Men have skin too," and they like when it feels nice.

Gabrielle Dennis is an experienced comedian and actor, having taken on guest parts in shows like "Justified" and "Luke Cage," as well as appearing as a regular cast member of "A Black Lady Sketch Show" and "The Upshaws." But who exactly is her deadpan male counterpart, who insists Old Spice is for men? Here's more about where you may have seen that actor in the past, including on a hit ABC sitcom still on the air.

Deon Cole is best known for his standup and Black-ish

Deon Cole has been an accomplished stand-up comedian and actor since he first took to the stage in his hometown of Chicago (via Chicago Defender). He's done numerous stand-up specials and talk show appearances, including "Comedy Central Presents" and his own 2020 Netflix special, "Deon Cole: Workin' It Out" (via IMDb). Additionally, Cole has actually been co-starring in the Old Spice commercials with Gabrielle Dennis for some time, while also finding room in his schedule for regular TV and film roles. From 2016 to 2018, he was part of the cast of absurd cop show parody "Angie Tribeca" as DJ Tanner, a police officer who never acknowledges that his partner is clearly a German Shepard.

After landing a recurring role as Charlie Telphy, Dre's weird best friend and co-worker on "Black-ish," Cole became a series regular. So far he's appeared on 139 episodes of the show while occasionally guest starring on "Grown-ish" as well. And he's stayed busy even in the pandemic: Cole will be featured in three films later this year, "Action #1," "HeadShop," and "The Harder They Fall," should you need even more of this hilarious and talented actor.