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Who Is The Actress In The Old Spice 'Men Have Skin Too' Commercial?

When you think of Old Spice commercials, you probably think of Terry Crews or Isaiah Mustafa and their wild commercials that tend to twist and turn every chance they get. Well, Old Spice is turning the page and taking a different approach to showing off their product. Instead of the typical hyper-masculine commercials that we all know and love, this commercial is much slower. It takes you into a zoom conversation between "Blackish" actor Deon Cole and an actress hiding something behind her.

Cole can't wait to get home after a long day and get into the bath with his Old Spice, which smells of lavender. The woman on the other end of the call couldn't agree more. The only problem is, Old Spice only makes lavender scented products for men. The jig is up, and Cole realizes this woman has been using his Old Spice while away this entire time. Instead of owning up to it, the actress hilariously attempts to end the conversation but fails miserably.

So who is the actress in the Old Spice "Men Have Skin Too" commercial?

Gabrielle Dennis likes the smell of Old Spice

There are a few places you might recognize this actress from. First, you may have seen her in some other Old Spice commercials with the same actor. If not there, you likely saw her playing Tilda Johnson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 2018 series "Luke Cage." This actress and comedian is none other than Gabrielle Dennis. The Ohio native rose to fame after winning the role of Janay Brice on "The Game," which first appeared on The CW and then ran on BET for two more seasons. Following this project, she picked up plenty of work in the industry, starring in TV shows such as "Blue Mountain State," "Rosewood," and most recently, "The Upshaws" and "A Black Lady Sketch Show," according to IMDB. On top of that, the actress has been seen in a handful of films.

Now, she's back in this new Old Spice commercial with Deon Cole as the sneaky spouse who has been getting into her husband's body wash. Although there is nothing wrong with using your significant other's shower products (with permission), it's not the same with Old Spice, apparently. Cole accuses Dennis of using his precious body wash while he's gone. Instead of owning up to it, the actress pretends to lose connection, despite being on a video call with an open fire in the background. Cole calls her out and tells her she needs to think her plans out better. It's a hilariously relatable commercial that makes the Hollywood actor and actress seem as if they were no different than you or me.