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MTV Cribs Revival - What We Know So Far

"Architectural Digest" has been getting many views with "Open Door." The YouTube series has showcased tours of celeb homes such as "Lord of the Rings" actress Liv Tyler, "Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs, "F9" jokester Tyrese Gibson, and Cara Delevigne from "Suicide Squad." When Dakota Johnson revealed that she'd lied in her AD tour — not only did she not like limes, she was allergic to them — it was major news.

Millennials know that the "Open Door" series is, in many ways, a prestige version of "MTV Cribs." According to Deadline, the show began in 2000 and ran for over 100 episodes. On the classic version, we saw Beyonce's genie bottle dresser, Mariah Carey exercise in heels, and more pop-up televisions than there are stars in the night sky. Now, it's coming back. ViacomCBS announced that the classic show will be returning in a new form on MTV, fresh for 2021. Here's everything we know about the revival for "Cribs," including who might be appearing on the show.

When is Cribs returning to MTV?

The new version of "MTV Cribs" will premiere August 11, 2021 at 9:30 p.m EST. What some fans of the classic version of "Cribs" may not know is that the show has been chugging along in one form or another for almost all 21 years since its 2000 debut.

In 2009, the show moved to a different ViacomCBS network: CMT. This new version, titled "CMT Cribs," showed off the homes of such country stars as Randy Owen and Tanya Tucker. The show briefly returned to MTV in 2010, displaying the homes of Penn Jillette and "Dexter" star Julie Benz.

The show was re-revived as a short-form show on Snapchat in 2017. According to Variety, the first season of MTV Cribs on Snapchat was the most-viewed premiere of a Snap show ever. It featured the homes of DJ Steve Aoki and Denver Broncos player Von Miller, among others.

Whose cribs are we seeing?

Deadline has a pretty extensive list of celebs whose cribs we'll explore in this new show. YouTube star JoJo Siwa will show off her home, as will Kathy Griffin and Martha Stewart. Griffin appeared on "Cribs" back in the 2000s, so this will be a chance for her to catch up with MTV since her 2017 scandal and subsequent documentary. "Black-ish" star Marsai Martin is slated to show of her home, as is "Jersey Shore" alum Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. Tinashe and Rick Ross will also show off their cribs.

It's possible that AD has scooped some of the more high profile guests that may have done "Cribs" in the past. "Cribs" has Tinashe; while Robert Downey Jr. was featured on "Open Door." Snooki was on "Cribs" and "Open Door" had Kendall Jenner. "AD" has a leg up on "Cribs" in that having your house featured in the magazine is a noted step in selling a celeb home. When Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's home showed up in the magazine, Slate's Ruth Graham recognized it as the couple's first step in divorce. Liquifying assets makes splitting up easier, and a shared home is one of the first things that needs to go.

What can we expect from this new iteration of Cribs?

One thing "MTV Cribs" always had over AD's "Open Door" series: stunts. "Cribs" was a silly show, full of product placement and fake homes. Robbie Williams famously showed off the home he was renting from Jane Seymour (AKA Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) as his own, and concluded the tour with a campy screening of "The Wizard of Oz" with all the best bears in West Hollywood. He also hired a team of fake butlers for the gag, according to Buzzfeed.

Mariah Carey made several ensemble changes in her episode, taking a bath and exercising in heels during the program. Devon Sawa's episode featured Jason Schwartzman pretending to live in a tent in Sawa's garage. He gave a mini tour of the tent. Schwartzman also gave a fake "Cribs" tour of Versailles, as Louis VXI, on the "Marie Antoinette" DVD special features.

Redman showed off his broken doorbell and his shoebox of money in his "Cribs" ep. MTV tried to get him to rent a nicer spot, he told Vlad TV. "They wanted me to rent a house ... so I could open the big double doors," he said. "My s*** was a little junkie, I didn't have time to clean, but they loved it and it all worked out for the best." Hopefully this new version will have a good blend of "real" homes like Redman's and silly fake nonsense like Robbie Williams' army of butlers.