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What The Rooster From Sexy Beasts Looks Like In Real Life

The hottest show currently airing on Netflix is "Sexy Beasts." Yes, "Sexy Beasts" is what happens when someone turns up the nightmare dial on a competition show like "The Masked Singer." But the show is also a fascinating reality television ride that attempts to answer the question, "Can two people have chemistry if they don't know what the other person looks like?"

Here's how "Sexy Beasts" works: Each episode, one lucky single is allotted three equally single love interests vying for their affection. Through a series of speed dating-style conversations and blind dates, the single picking their match whittles down their three options to one ultimate winner. Now, if this sounds too easy, don't forget that we just name-checked "The Masked Singer" a moment ago. 

So, remember how, on "The Masked Singer," all of the contestants are wearing cartoonish costumes and makeup to disguise their appearance? Well, that's also happening on "Sexy Beasts." Every single person participating in this Netflix show is transformed from their normal human selves into a fantasy creature or an animal. And so, the show's exploration of the aforementioned question of whether two people can be attracted to one another when looks are taken out of the equation becomes even more exciting to watch unfold over the course of six half-hour episodes.

While it's all well and good to watch singles put on ridiculous disguises in an effort to find true love, the one thing we really want to know is what each contestant looks like in real life. This is especially true in the case of Kelechi, a single guy with a charming personality who dons a rooster get-up to meet three love interests in the final episode of "Sexy Beasts" Season 1. So, what exactly does Kelechi look like in real life?

This rooster is one hunky piece of man meat

Before we can see who the real Kelechi is, we get to know him at the start of Episode 6. We learn he's a pharmacy student living and studying in Knoxville, Tennessee. We also learn that he's been single for two whole years. That's a heck of a dry spell, folks. Although Kelechi has been dating during that time, nothing seems to have stuck. So, he's hoping to spark something real with one of three potential love matches: Lilly the Witch, Cassie the Frog, or Martha the Reindeer. After some light and breezy conversations with each of the three women over drinks, Kelechi cuts Cassie from the line-up which frees him up to go on solo dates with Lilly and Martha. First up is Martha, who goes with Kelechi on a fancy date full of wine tasting. As for Lilly, she and Kelechi head to the countryside to go off-roading. In the end, Kelechi decides to pick Martha and, in doing so, reveal what he actually looks like to his chosen love interest.

When it's time to finally unmask and reveal his true self to Martha and the "Sexy Beasts" audience at home, Kelechi's transformation is jaw-dropping. The garish rooster makeup, complete with a bright red comb and wattle, as well as a big beak, completely obscures Kelechi's handsome mug. The pharmacy student shows off a broad, charming smile and somehow looks even more muscular in real life. Maybe its because he lost a few pounds of rooster feathers that were glued to his head. Either way, Kelechi is a mighty fine looker.

"Sexy Beasts" Season 1 is currently airing on Netflix. "Sexy Beasts" Season 2 is a go (via Screen Rant) and should be on the platform in the near future.