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What The Panda From Netflix's Sexy Beasts Looks Like In Real Life

Can you form a real romantic connection with someone without knowing what they look like?

Netflix's new reality dating show "Sexy Beasts" sets to answer the question. However, unlike another popular dating show from the streaming giant, "Love is Blind," the contestants aren't just hidden from each other. Instead, they are outfitted in elaborate prosthetics and makeup to appear as animals or fantastical creatures. Even if you don't love reality shows, the incredible artistry of the costumes makes it certainly worth a watch.

Each episode, the lead contestant goes on a date with three "beasts," eliminating them one at a time until they make their final selection. The contestants' faces are only revealed when they are eliminated, and when the lead chooses their winning lover, the two finally get to see each other face-to-face.

The creatures on the show are a varied bunch. In episode three, we meet Kariselle the Panda, whose suitors are Ethan the Tin Man, Tyler the Alien, and Josh the Bull. Kariselle's loud and energetic personality shines through the fur, but viewers still wonder — what does the life-of-the-party girl look like underneath the mask?

Kariselle the Panda is a total knockout

Josh the Bull assumed Kariselle was blonde, and it was revealed he was right. The party motivator from New Jersey turned out to be a blonde bombshell, delighting her pick, Tyler the Alien, who is quite handsome himself.

It's no secret that most reality show dating contestants are usually good looking, so the reveals aren't totally shocking. However, as Tracy Moore at Vanity Fair says, the costumes add a very unique element to the tried-and-true formula. "There's a clear eroticism in some contestants' fascination with each other's animal heads," Moore observes, "And some really lean into the part, one growling caress at a time. An animal hotness pecking order quickly emerges. Viewers will find themselves wondering impatiently whether this rhinoceros or mandrill is good looking underneath, but also asking: Will the less attractive animal heads be eliminated first? How do some people still seem "face hot" even while wearing a frog head? Am I sort of attracted to this wolf?"

For now, we'll keep watching "Sexy Beasts," enjoying the face reveals, and eagerly awaiting a (hopefully!) second season.