Netflix's New Sexy Beasts Clip Offers More Unsettling Footage

When Netflix released the mind-bending series "Black Mirror" into our universe, the collective way it was described was, "What if phones, but too much." It's an apt description, as "Black Mirror" often deals with how smartphone and smartphone-adjacent technologies ruin lives — or outright end them.

Are we all familiar with "The Masked Singer"? It's a singing competition reality series where famous people (who aren't professional singers) dress up in elaborate animal costumes and try to be the best non-singing singer they can be. Now, that might sound like it's already too much, but in actuality there is an upcoming Netflix series that is without a doubt, "What if 'The Masked Singer,' but too much," and it's entitled "Sexy Beasts."

"Sexy Beasts" is a dating show (kind of a "The Bachelor" meets "The Love Connection" situation) on which each of the contestants involved have at least their faces concealed in elaborate animal or monster makeup. We've been getting small glimpses of what exactly "Sexy Beasts" will look like as we inch closer to the show's July 21 premiere date, and now Netflix has seen fit to share a clip so we can get a sense of what elimination rounds look like on this insane show. Beware: The following is not for those possessed of a brittle spirit.

Beware tin men and deep space alien womanizers

Sometimes it's the things that seem almost completely normal that are the scariest. In "The Conjuring," for example, it's not ghosts running around or possessions that are the scariest part of that film, but the moment where two, mysterious hands appear from within a wardrobe and simply clap together. Everything about that scene is totally normal except for the fact that those are ghost hands — and that's enough to send shivers up and down our collective spines.

The same is true for the elimination part of the "Sexy Beasts" dating game. Absolutely everything about this clip is utterly boilerplate. If you have seen someone decide who gets the proverbial rose and who doesn't, you already know exactly how this scene is going to play out: The girl tries to say something nice, and at least one of the guys is a "player." Everything is totally normal this time around, except that the girl is a panda in a bodycon dress, and her potential suitors are an alien demon, a freaky tin man, and a minotaur. While even maze guardians deserve a shot at love, it's more than a little bit unsettling in its final form.

Let's not be entirely hasty, though. First of all, while there's an inherent oddness to trying to look as fly as possible, while also elaborately made up to look like a soft panda bear, can we all agree that it's not out of bounds to try and let the people whom you are considering dating know at least what your body looks like if nothing else? That feels legitimately understandable in light of the deeply strange circumstances.

However, let it also be known that Ethan aka the tin man genuinely looks — makeup or no makeup — like his soul is committed to unending darkness, when he's told that his potential panda paramour feels that "maybe [they] don't have enough in common to keep the spark alive." Yikes, man! Get a poker face!

How much stranger can this show get? We'll find out when "Sexy Beasts" debuts on Netflix beginning July 21.