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Netflix Bosses Promise 'Fantastic' Stranger Things Season Two Premiere

Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, also known as one of the luckiest people on the planet, has had the privilege of already seeing the Stranger Things season two premiere, and he promises that it "delivers on everything every fan wants."

In an interview with NME, Sarandos and Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings talked about what's next for the streaming platform, which includes the upcoming second season of the sci-fi drama that took the world by storm this fall. While Hastings wants to wait until closer to the Oct. 31 premiere to watch, Sarandos has seen the episode, and he called it "fantastic."

Season two will kick off on Halloween of 1984, nearly a year after the events of season one. The season will introduce new monsters into the mix, with creators Matt and Ross Duffer teasing that they will bring "different kinds of horror" to Hawkins. The Duffers have said that they would like to see the show run four or five seasons, total.

Sarandos and Hastings seemed to be fully behind the show in the NME interview, while also teasing some pretty big plans for the future of the streaming platform. Sarandos said that Netflix hopes to become "one of the world's leading producers of not just scripted shows from North America, but of great Bollywood movies, of great anime, of great Turkish drama. If we were able to do all of those things under one roof, it would be unprecedented." "Hopefully doing more shows from all over the world, series that help people to see new types of experiences," added Hastings about where he would like to see the streaming platform headed.

While Netflix plans their domination of the entire entertainment world, read up on everything we know about Stranger Things season two thus far.