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Brand New Cherry Flavor - What We Know So Far

Anthology horror TV series "Channel Zero" aired for four seasons on Syfy before it was ultimately canceled. Each season of the series is based on a different "creepypasta" — a term referring to a kind of horror story meant to be shared widely online, such that it serves as a sort of digital version of a ghost story passed around and told around a campfire. For example, in Season 2, subtitled "No-End House," a group of four friends investigate a haunted house that ends up manifesting some of their latent psychological fears before leaving them in an alternate reality resembling their neighborhood but with certain key details changed. The basis for that season was a roughly 5,000-word story of the same name, by author Brian Russell.

Though declining viewership ultimately led to the cancellation of "Channel Zero," it may go down as one of the most underrated TV shows to air in recent years. Fortunately for fans of "Channel Zero," a new horror TV series by its creator Nick Antosca, titled "Brand New Cherry Flavor," is coming to Netflix. Here's what we know so far.

When will Brand New Cherry Flavor be released?

A release date for "Brand New Cherry Flavor" was revealed in a trailer for the series shared by Netflix on July 19. If you're a fan of Nick Antosca's prior work in "Channel Zero" — or horror TV in general — and you're interested in what "Brand New Cherry Flavor" has to bring to the table, the good news is that won't have to wait long: the series is scheduled for an August 13 release. As the trailer points out, August 13 is a Friday, meaning that "Brand New Cherry Flavor" will drop on Friday the 13th, a date rivaled only by Halloween in its appropriateness for the release of a new work of horror.

Netflix's first trailer for "Brand New Cherry Flavor" includes less than a minute of footage, so most of what takes place in the series is still under wraps. Given that the show will release less than a month from the trailer's premiere, this may remain the only direct look at the series prior to August 13.

Who will star in Brand New Cherry Flavor?

The cast of "Brand New Cherry Flavor" will include Rosa Salazar in its lead role. Her prior credits notably include the titular role in the James Cameron-produced sci-fi manga adaptation "Alita: Battle Angel," a film known today for its immensely dedicated fan base. Catherine Keener will appear alongside Salazar as a mysterious woman showcased in the first trailer for the show, who seems to almost always carry a kitten in her arms. Her numerous prior credits include "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," "Get Out," "Being John Malkovich," the Showtime series "Kidding" (for which she walked the red carpet alongside Jim Carrey), and more.

"Brand New Cherry Flavor" will also feature performances by Manny Jacinto, Eric Lange, Daniel Doheny, and Mark Acheson. Jacinto is arguably best-known for his lead role in the NBC comedy "The Good Place," in which he portrayed Florida Man incarnate Jason Mendoza. Lange's prior roles include appearances "Lost" and Seasons 2 and 3 of "Narcos," among various other TV series. Doheny has appeared in various teen-oriented projects like "Adventures in Public School" and "Alex Strangelove." Finally, Acheson's credits include roles in films like "Elf" and "The Chronicles of Riddick."

What will be the plot of Brand New Cherry Flavor?

As explained in a Deadline report about the series' production, "Brand New Cherry Flavor" is based on a book by author Todd Grimson of the same name. The article outlines the plot of the series as "the story of Lisa Nova (Salazar), an aspiring film director in the sun-drenched but seamy world of 1990 Los Angeles who embarks on a mind-altering journey — from the streets of Beverly Hills to the forests of Brazil — of supernatural revenge."

The first teaser trailer for "Brand New Cherry Flavor" seems to indicate that Catherine Keener's cat lady character will assist Salazar's Lisa Nova on her quest for revenge. Details like how and why regarding Nova's travel from the filmmaking world of Hollywood to a forest in Brazil have yet to be revealed. Unless Netflix releases another trailer in the lead-up to the show's August 13 release, this skeleton of a plot might be all audiences will know prior to its premiere — but that could be a good thing, as "Brand New Cherry Flavor" is already getting people very fascinated.