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The AHS Cameo That Has Fans Rewatching American Horror Stories Episode 1

"American Horror Story" might be good at delivering scares and thrills, but it's at least as great at taking the concept of the anthology series to its logical extreme. The show's seasons often feature same actors, usually in radically different roles and situations. Nevertheless, every series of the show is connected — though some fans advocate watching the seasons out of order in order to make sense of things more easily. 

The new "American Horror Stories" is a slightly different beast, as this take on horror anthologies likes to tell its stories within the span of an episode or two, instead of spreading them out over entire seasons. Even so, the series is still very much connected to the series that spawned it — and a very special appearance in the first episode is quick to remind viewers of that fact. Let's take a look at the "American Horror Story" cameo that has fans rewatching "American Horror Stories" Episode 1.

Tate Langdon makes a quick cameo after all

"American Horror Stories" starts with a strong callback to the very first season of "AHS" series, which is now known as "American Horror Story: Murder House." Since the episode is called "Rubber (Wo)Man: Part 1," and involves new people moving in the infamous house, many fans were no doubt hoping an appearance by the original show's Rubber Man, the ghost of school shooter Tate Langdon (played by Evan Peters, whose affable face and tenure as the "X-Men" franchise's Quicksilver belie the fact that he tends to play some of the most devious "AHS" characters out there).  

Though young Scarlett (Sierra McKormick) finds the infamous rubber suit early on and a rubbery figure does indeed make an appearance, anyone who's expecting a full Tate experience walks away at least a little bit disappointed, because Peters' character is nowhere to be seen. Or is he? According to redditor SnooPaintings9915 on the "American Horror Story" Subreddit, Tate does have a presence in the episode after all — just a much smaller one than you'd think. 

"Go to roughly 14:06 in 'Rubber (wo)Man: Part One'," they write. "Tate's figure stands before us in his classic green striped sweater towards the left of the screen, looming in the background as Scarlett pleasures herself. Turns out he made an appearance after all; just not as impactful as many would've preferred."

Even though he doesn't have too much effect on the plot itself, the confirmation that Tate is still hanging around the Murder House is no doubt enough to get many fans revisiting the original "Murder House" series in order to revisit the character's twisted storyline.