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The Miss Minutes Scene From Loki You'll Never Get To See

Contains spoilers for "Loki, Season 1, Episode 6: "For All Time. Always."

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has plenty of highs like "Avengers: Endgame," and the occasional lows, (looking at you, "Thor: The Dark World"), but there's one universal truth that every single fan can get behind: Miss Minutes (Tara Strong) is brilliant in "Loki." The mascot/A.I. helps run the Time Variance Authority in the MCU, but sshe also charmed fans from the instant she's introduced. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) first sees her in the informational videos playing in the TVA's waiting area, shortly after being apprehended post-"Endgame." Basically, Miss Minutes is a splash of bizarre creativity in the cosmic bureaucracy that makes the idea of the TVA go down a little easier for the audiences in the first episode.

However, audiences quickly deduced that there is more to Miss Minutes than meets the eye. During Episode 6, "For All Time. Always," the adorable anthropomorphic clock is revealed to have a direct line to the man behind the curtain, He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors). When Loki and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) manage to enchant their way through Alioth into the Citadel at the end of Time, Miss Minutes revels in offering the pair everything they've ever wanted in exchange for taking over the TVA.

Miss Minutes might be some kind of virtual A.I., but she's clearly got a devilish side — something she's likely inherited from He Who Remains, AKA Kang the Conqueror. The script originally gave Miss Minutes much more to do in the finale. Loki's director recently sat down to talk about what could have been an epic (and adorable) fight scene.

Miss Minutes nearly got her hands dirty

Aside from making audiences jump when she swirled into frame in the finale, Miss Minutes was supposed to fight Loki and Sylvie when they arrived in the citadel. How would that work? It's not clear how Miss Minutes can affect the real world, although we did see Loki try and swat her with a magazine in Episode 2. Director Kate Herron opened up about Tara Strong's adorable (yet sinister) talking clock to Marvel.com, explaining, "Early on in the scripts, we all were definitely united on, 'We've got to keep Miss Minutes in the story somehow.'"

The director pointed out that she tempts both of the variants with all they've ever wanted: "That devil on the shoulder and trying to tempt both Loki and Sylvie." She added, "It was fun that you got a sense of there's something a bit more sinister going on here with her." And it sounds like Miss Minutes was also meant to keep reappearing throughout the finale: "We always had a version where [Loki and Sylvie] kept meeting her at the Citadel. At one point, we had a fight scene with Miss Minutes in the Citadel; we had all kinds of stuff."

Because much of "Loki" Episode 6 was dedicated to He Who Remains explaining exactly who he is in exposition-heavy monologues, it's easy to see why Herron and creator Michael Waldron kept the focus on the new villain. However, that's not enough for us, and we need to have more Miss Minutes in our lives. Fortunately, there's literally infinite possibilities.

She could be another candidate for the Multiverse

It's easy to speculate about Miss Minutes and her role in both the TVA and the Marvel Multiverse as a whole. Now that Loki's season finale has blown the doors off the Sacred Timeline, who is to say that we won't see an expanded role for the wholesome A.I.? We can already picture a world where Tara Strong voices a giant sentient clock with arms and legs, ready to take on anyone who gets in her way. Considering her connections to Kang, we wouldn't be shocked if she's full of previously unheard information about the TVA. Kate Herron clearly has a soft spot for Miss Minutes, and Marvel already prints money on a daily basis. Even if Miss Minutes doesn't get more screen time, there's certainly room for a cameo in another film or series. 

With Season 2 on the way, it would be criminal for Miss Minutes to not return, so here's hoping she finally gets that fight scene in the next batch of episodes. If that's not in the cards, don't fret. There's too much love for her from the show's creators and fans to ignore the potential for another appearance. Even if she isn't a focal point of a branching timeline, she knows enough to cross over to another world, just as she has into our hearts.