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No Time To Die Release Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far

The James Bond franchise continues to chug along, and "No Time to Die" will mark the 25th official film in a movie franchise that began in 1962 with "Dr. No." However, "No Time to Die" is already a much different film than the typical Bond fare, in many different ways.

For one, it will have completely different distributors than the last Bond film, "Spectre," in 2015. Instead of Sony, this MGM subsidiary United Artists will be handling domestic distribution, while Universal is distributing internationally. (via Deadline). It's also just the second film in the series written by a woman, as "Fleabag" creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge shares a writing credit for the screenplay. (via The Guardian). Finally, "No Time to Die" will mark the end of an era, as it will be the final Bond film for star Daniel Craig.

Here's everything we know about the latest entry in the James Bond franchise.

What is the release date for No Time To Die?

As reported by Deadline, "No Time to Die" will premiere in theaters on Oct. 8, 2021. That's welcome news for fans, who have already put up with multiple delays to the release schedule.

"No Time to Die" was originally scheduled for release in November 2019, but when original director Danny Boyle dropped out due to creative differences, it was pushed to Feb. 2020 and then April 2020. (via Deadline). Then, COVID-19 arrived, and "No Time to Die" was again delayed, this time to April 2021 — becoming the first tentpole movie from a major franchise to be delayed due to COVID-19. Finally, Universal pushed "No Time to Die" back once again to the Oct. 8 date. According to Variety, Universal made the final delay because it hopes to capitalize on more movie theaters (hopefully) being open in the fall.

For what it's worth, sources who saw the movie told Deadline that it's worth the wait. 

Who's in the cast of No Time to Die?

"No Time to Die" has a big cast with many returning characters and new faces. In addition to Daniel Craig, many 007 franchise mainstays will be back, including: Ralph Fiennes as M; Ben Whishaw as Q; Naomie Harris as Moneypenny; Rory Kinnear as Tanner; Jeffrey Wright as CIA Agent Felix Leiter; and Léa Seydoux as MI6 psychiatrist Madeleine Swann. Christoph Waltz will also be reprising his role as villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who was captured at the end of "Spectre" and is now in MI6 custody.

Newcomers include "Bohemian Rhapsody" star Rami Malek, who will be playing the villain of "No Time to Die," the aptly named Lyutsifer Safin. Director Cary Jo Fukunaga called Safin a "hyper intelligent" and a "worthy adversary," part of a new generation of villains Bond will contend with (via Empire Online).

Lashana Lynch will play Nomi, a new 00 agent who joined MI6 after Bond's retirement, and Ana de Armas will play Paloma, a CIA agent who teams up with Bond to battle Safin.

What is the plot of No Time to Die?

A trailer for "No Time to Die" arrived on Sept. 3, 2020, and it gives a good idea of what to expect from the movie. Five years after the events of "Spectre," 007 has retired from MI6. Sure enough, his old ally Felix Leiter drags him back into the spy lifestyle with a mission to locate a missing scientist. Soon, Bond discovers that the terrorist leader Lyutsifer Safin is behind the kidnapping, which is part of a plot that could kill millions of people. As for what Safin's supervillain scheme actually is, we'll have to wait until October to find out.

In terms of themes, Fukunaga believes that "No Time to Die" is "the culmination of all Bond has become." As fans of the Daniel Craig-era Bond remember, James Bond has been through a lot, from the death of his lover Vesper in "Casino Royale" to the destruction of his childhood home in "Spectre." It appears that Daniel Craig's final chapter as Bond will see the character confronting his many, many demons and possibly getting something like closure — until the next Bond comes along, anyway.