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Why Jakob Berman From Fear Street 1666 Looks So Familiar

Instead of a "Hot Girl Summer," Netflix seems invested in giving its subscribers a "Hot Ghoul Summer." The streaming platform's "Fear Street" trilogy, with each movie coming out one week after the next, has already given plenty of people scares. The first film, set in 1994, established the curse of Shadyside, while the sequel, set in 1978, offers more context for just how much the people in this town have suffered.

There's one more movie to look forward to, and it's going back to 1666 when the curse first came into existence. It's bound to show audiences how exactly all the death and mayhem came to materialize while still serving up frights. There's some crossover between characters who appear from one film to the next (despite the different time periods), some new faces have yet to come up, and for "Fear Street Part Three: 1666," viewers can look out for Mark Ashworth, who plays Jakob Berman. 

Jakob's an ancestor of Constance Berman (Gillian Jacobs), who was there when the curse first came to fruition. As he takes part in the witch hunt, you may find yourself wondering where Ashworth has cropped up before, and it turns out he has quite the extensive filmography

Mark Ashworth joined the Saviors on The Walking Dead

Years into the undead apocalypse, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his cohorts continued finding various factions of survivors who have gone into full-blown murderer mode on "The Walking Dead." On Season 8's "Still Gotta Mean Something," Rick's crew ran into a group of unfriendly folks who called themselves "The Saviors." They didn't live up to their name, seeing how they wanted to kill Rick, but you should notice one named Evan, who Mark Ashworth plays if you look among their ranks. 

He appears to be one of the more level-headed individuals in the bunch. When Rick offers them a safe haven, he seems to consider the offer seriously. Of course, everything gets thrown out of the window when a herd of zombies arrives, causing enough commotion to allow Rick and Lennie to shoot most members. Rick then turns his attention to Evan, who survived the first attack. He attempts to grab hold of Rick's hatchet, but he ends up pushing him away into the horde. The undead devour Evan alive, so don't expect him to return going into the show's final season

He donned a villainous moniker on Doom Patrol

Ashworth is no stranger to popping up in superhero properties. He's had minor roles in "Logan" and the "Constantine" television series; however, he finally got the chance to dress weird and get his own nickname with a turn on "Doom Patrol." He pops up in a handful of episodes in Season 2 as Ringmaster. As the name suggests, he's the master of ceremonies at a traveling carnival who shows off Dorothy Spinner (Abi Monterey) as one of his attractions. 

Ashworth spoke about the intensive process in an interview with Courageous Nerd, where he spoke at length about the grueling makeup application: "I would be in the make-up chair ... maybe it was my character too that was a lot darker, but the 'Doom Patrol' shoot just felt a lot darker for me. I went into the make-up chair four times; they were doing my hair and make-up. They made me into kind of a twisted character." Beyond any shadow of a doubt, the actor's stint on "Doom Patrol" proved he's a master of morally corrupt characters in case any casting directors have considered making him an antagonist.

Mark Ashworth became a hero on Stargirl

Mark Ashworth has a knack for playing villains, but on "Stargirl," he showed he was just as adept at being the good guy, too. He plays Justin the Janitor on the series, who initially lurks in the background while all of the action occurs. As the series goes on, both the audience and Courtney Whitmore, a.k.a. Stargirl (Brec Bassinger), learn his true identity. He's a fearless hero known as Shining Knight, who possesses the ability to wield Excalibur. 

In the same interview with Courageous Nerd, he spoke about how he filmed "Stargirl" and "Doom Patrol" around the same time. As a result, he views them as companion series: "That show was almost like ... in contrast between the two, I would say there's the yin-yang effect there between the two of them. I think 'Stargirl' is a little lighter, as many dark elements as there are in there with the [Injustice Society of America] and the death that is there, it's a little bit more adolescent. I think 'Doom Patrol' is like it's wicked big brother."

The last time we saw Justin, he rode off into the sunset, telling Courtney, "Until the next battle, Stargirl." Hopefully, that means he'll be back once Season 2 comes out.