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What AHS Fans Really Think About The Coven And Apocalypse Universes

While every season of "American Horror Story" is loosely connected, "Apocalypse" was a full-blown crossover with "Murder House" and "Coven." Despite receiving five Emmy nominations and positive reviews from critics, this was a divisive season among fans. It holds a 75% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, and the most common critique is the inclusion of "Coven."

With multiple time jumps, three seasons of characters, and an array of plots, the witchy end-of-the-world season was ambitious, to say the least. The show is notorious for fitting as many storylines as possible into a single season, and "Apocalypse" took that to a new level.

Fans use the show's subreddit for everything from hunting for Easter eggs and unpacking theories to discussing which characters and storylines they wish had been different. One thread started by u/Lysander1999 asked, "What if they'd never spliced coven into the apocalypse universe?" and fans had a lot to say.

So, what do "American Horror Story" fans think about the merged seasons?

Season 8: Coven 2.0

The Redditor went on to explain that they loved the first few episodes but found it "quite hard to watch" once the other seasons were involved. Other fans quickly agreed, sharing their opinions and what they had hoped to see on "Apocalypse." Summarizing how most fans felt, u/nazia987 said, "This season never really even focused on the apocalypse, which is a shame, because the episodes were really good, but once the witches came, it turned to Coven 2.0."

In a detailed response, u/SplurgyA outlined their problems with the season and said that the apocalyptic theme was interesting enough on its own. They said, "...having a flat out dystopia storyline with eugenics, a shadow organization, castes, robots and conspiracy could have been really cool," referring to everything that was brushed over to make way for the crossover.

Other fans expressed similar sentiments, wishing there was more time to explore the initial survivalist storylines. On the other hand, u/rolly_the_holy said, "Honestly with the things that were there I don't think it had enough to last 6 episodes let alone a whole season." Another fan, u/ryanblue22, said the season should've followed the survivors "while seeing the effects of the apocalypse like mutation, cannibalism, (and) environmental hazards."

Looking forward, u/MotherBike pointed out that producer Ryan Murphy might've created a complication for future seasons, saying "So if he wanted to have more seasons taking place in the present day he'd have to have it in the Apocalypse timeline."