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The Mallory Plotline That Has AHS: Apocalypse Fans Scratching Their Heads

"American Horror Story: Apocalypse" excited fans not only for its "worlds' end" theme, but also for the promised return of characters from Season 1's "Murder House" and Season 3's "Coven." In "Apocalypse," the leaders of the New Orleans coven survived the nuclear attack and fought to restore the natural order of things. As part of her plan to save the world, Supreme Witch Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson) hid her greatest weapon, Mallory (Billie Lourd), in plain sight, concealing her identity with a spell that hid her true powers until she was able to reunite with her sister witches. To fans, Mallory was a new addition to the coven — her initiation into Miss Robichaux's Academy was explained in "AHS: Apocalypse."

Just when all seems lost and Michael (Cody Fern) has ensured humanity's end, Cordelia makes the ultimate sacrifice and inducts Mallory as the new supreme. The powerful witch is able to change the events of the past, kill Michael, and restore the timeline prior to the apocalypse. Mallory even brings back Queenie (Gabourney Sidibe) and Nat from hell, buttoning everything up with a neat little bow. But there are a few loose strands with Mallory's plotline that fans have been wondering about. Not even "AHS" creator Ryan Murphy can reset the Earth's timeline and escape the questions of time travel that inevitably follow. Pardoxes abound, so beware.

What happened to the spirits inside the Murder House?

As part of their plan to kill Michael, the witches decide to go back to where it all began. This results in Behold Chablis (Billy Porter) and Madison (Emma Roberts) visiting the birthplace of the Antichrist, Season 1's "Murder House." The spirits that remain tell their visitors the tragic tale of how Michael came to be, stemming from his birth as the unholy offspring of both spirit and human.

The highly anticipated sixth episode of the eighth season, "Return to Murder House," gave fans the opportunity to gather closure on the characters that started it all. Tate (Evan Peters) reunites with Violet (Taissa Farmiga), and Moira (Frances Conroy) is able to join her mother in the afterlife. But theoretically, after Mallory travels to 2015 and kills Michael outside of his childhood home, both of those happy endings are undone, since Behold and Madison would have never had the need to visit the Langdon home.

The theory has fans on Reddit scratching their heads and questioning if they're satisfied with the ending. In regards to Tate and Violet never reconciling (in the restored timeline), one fan says "it makes me so sad, they're still in that house not talking." 

Others disagree, feeling that Tate and Violet should never be together because what he did in "Murder House" was unforgivable. One fan felt the initial reconciliation "completely undid Violet's growth," and another agreed, writing, "I hated they made up."

Still more fans were worried about the other characters in the Murder House. "I care more about if Moira still passed on in the new timeline," wondered one. Moira, who was slain by Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange), had finally been able to pass onto the other side with the help of the witches. It is unknown if her spirit was forced to return to the house after the Earthly events were reversed.

The reappearance of "AHS" characters is never out of the question. Even Sarah Paulson told The Wrap "anything is possible" when asked if it's possible we will see the Murder House inhabitants again. Maybe we'll catch up with Constance, Tate, Violet, and all their roommates in an upcoming season of "AHS."