Logan Director Says He's Working On A Black And White Version

Apparently, black and white is the new black.

After George Miller got everyone feeling artsy with a "black and chrome" version of Mad Max: Fury Road, fans began clamoring for more old-school renditions of their favorite movies. And it sounds like we might be able to see an alternate version of Logan without all the vivid color, if that's what you're into.

When a fan begged Logan director James Mangold on Twitter for a black and white version of the upcoming Wolverine flick, Mangold replied, "Workin' on it."

It isn't all that crazy to think Logan would look great devoid of color. Although the film wasn't shot in black and white, most of the first images were, and the gritty tone of the movie lends itself to a more stark and vintage look. The film also feels a lot like a classic Western, and the black and white treatment could complete the effect.

We'll keep you posted as more details develop. In the meantime, the fully colorized and official version of Logan arrives in theaters March 3. While we wait, check out the untold truth of Wolverine.