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Why Ziggy Berman From Fear Street Looks So Familiar

"Fear Street Part One: 1994" is the first part of a trilogy of films based on R.L. Stine's YA novels, set in rundown Shadyside — otherwise known as "Killer Capital USA" — over the course of 300 years. There's a mystery here, of course: Why have these terrifying events happened for so long in Shadyside? The first film in the trilogy is set to drop July 2, which means you're going to start to get to know the characters that populate this accursed little town where teenagers often fall victim to serial killers. 

Among the people showing up at the scary Fear Street address is Ziggy Berman, who's shown in a preview at the end of "Part One: 1994" and who will feature prominently in "Part Two: 1978," premiering on Netflix on Friday, July 9. 

Ziggy is played by Sadie Sink. Given that Sink is just 19 years old, you may think she's new to the scene — but she's been an actor since she was 7 (via Vogue). While in a 2012 revival of "Annie," she got her first role on television, and she's been working pretty steadily ever since. You might have caught a glimpse of her in movies like "The Glass Castle" or "Eli," or guest-starring in series like "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "Blue Bloods." Sink is certainly on an upward trend. Here's where you might have seen this rising star before. 

She played the gutsy daughter of a weapons dealer in The Americans

Sink's first TV appearance was in the FX period thriller series "The Americans," where she made a memorable appearance as a weapons dealer's daughter who pulls a gun on Elizabeth (Keri Russell) when she and Philip (Matthew Rhys) are asking him questions during the episode "Mutually Assured Destruction." The episode has the main characters tracking down a hit man that Moscow has hired to kill American scientists working on weapons. Sink was fairly young in this episode: in 2013, when it aired, she was about 11 years old. 

Though she was young, she says entering show business was all her own idea. "Acting has always been a passion of mine," she told Vogue. "I love telling stories and becoming someone else for a while. It's just so fun for me. It can be challenging sometimes, but I love how I learn something everyday on set. I can see myself growing as an actor with every project I work on."

Sadie Sink starred in the short-lived NBC series American Odyssey

Sink's first experience as a series regular came with the NBC series "American Odyssey," which aired in 2015. This series only lasted for one season, but the actress was part of the show's supporting cast. She played Suzanne Ballard, the daughter of main characters U.S. Army Sergeant Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) and Ron Ballard (Jim True-Frost). The action thriller focused on Odelle's attempts to get back home to the United States from North Africa after the rest of her military team is killed, the result of a cover-up by a major American company to hide its funding of Islamic terrorists. 

The plot of "American Odyssey" has Odelle seemingly going missing as a result of that attack, but eventually Suzanne and Ron start to wonder if she still might be alive. Sadly, critics didn't love the show, which may be one reason it only aired 14 episodes.

She plays Max on Stranger Things

By far Sink's most high-profile turn has been in "Stranger Things," in which she plays skateboarding, video-game-playing Max Mayfield. Her character has a mean stepbrother Billy (Dacre Montgomery), but bonds with Eleven (Milly Bobby Brown) and the other characters, getting integrated into the Party and all their adventures.

This has been her breakthrough role, and she knew it from the moment she got it. "I didn't cry, but I was definitely shocked. As soon as I got the call, I knew my life was going to drastically change. It was so exciting though. I think I was most excited about the character. I love Max and I was excited to bring a character like her to life," Sink told Vogue. She gets recognized often as a result of the show's popularity: "I mean, a lot," she said during a conversation with Interview Magazine. "I'm a very lazy person so I don't really do things or go out very much but when I do get out of the house I do get recognized a lot." 

To be fair, now that Sink is in the three "Fear Street" films, it's probably going to happen more often. She's just going to have to get used to it!