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New Logan Image Stirs Up Mutant Extinction Theories

No, not the mutants! Take anything but the mutants!

Leading up to the release of the Wolverine standalone film Logan, 20th Century Fox has been pushing out promotional material on an almost constant loop, keeping fans on their tiptoes for what might be revealed next. We've seen a trailer featuring Johnny Cash's "Hurt" and one that zeroes in on the young Laura Kinney's unbridled rage, but today, Logan hopefuls were teased yet again—this time with a picture that has spurred some additional fan speculation.

Posted on the xponx Instagram account, the latest Logan image shows two discarded X-Men comic book issues beside strewn clothing. While interesting in its own right, it's not entirely the content that's kicking up viewers' worry, it's the image's caption. The black-and-white photo is accompanied by a one-word description: "extinction." This has, understandably, sent fans into a bit of a frenzy. Previous promos have toyed with the notion of mutants facing extinction, most notably the aforementioned Laura/X-23-centric clip. Within the video, viewers spotted a troubling piece of written graffiti, which read "Where are all the mutants?" Speculation that this is a literal and metaphorical sign that an event wiped out the mutants prior to the Logan timeline. Pair this with the just-released Instagram image, and tons of fans are curious to see how Charles Xavier and the X-Men pan out in the spinoff film, and if hope for a bright future is all but lost.

Viewers will have to wait just a few more days, when the film releases on March 3, to see what Logan has in store. Fingers crossed Wolverine doesn't bite the dust this time around.