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Logan: Watch The First Official Trailer

After weeks of cryptic teasers and clues, 20th Century Fox released the first official trailer for Logan, and it definitely looks like the movie is heavily influenced by the Old Man Logan comic book storyline.

Hugh Jackman said the third Wolverine solo flick will have a "very different tone" than the previous X-Men films, and he wasn't kidding. The trailer is set to the Johnny Cash version of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt," and it plays out more like a preview for a Western than a traditional comic book movie.

Set several years in the future, the movie finds Logan (Jackman) struggling with his diminished abilities in a world where mutants have mostly disappeared. Professor X (Patrick Stewart), who has also become quite frail, convinces him to save a young mutant from the clutches of a clandestine organization. Previous reports (via TheWrap) revealed that the company is Transigen, and it converts mutant kids into killing machines. The girl he's trying to save will very likely turn out to be the Wolverine clone X-23.

Logan will be released March 3. Watch the trailer above, then check out the dark side of X-Men you never knew about.