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Details You Missed In The New Logan Trailer

A new trailer for Logan film has dropped, and we've already watched it a few dozen times in an effort to break down all the story elements we could find. From the world-building elements of the movie's dark future to how the new characters fit into the larger story of the X-Men franchise, here are all the Easter eggs, secrets, and hidden details from the second full Logan trailer.

The world hasn't ended

In the first trailer for Logan, we pretty much only got to see the burned out area where Logan has been residing—but it turns out there's still a wide world out there. The trailer opens with Laura at a convenience store stealing some snacks, and if you look closely, there's some memorabilia from Texas hanging on the shelves. The gas station has an employee, and electricity, so this is almost certainly not a full-on post-apocalypse. And if it is, Texas' convenience store industry has somehow fared remarkably well for the end of the world.

Wolverine still likes to chomp cigars

As they're leaving the convenience store, Wolverine turns around to grab a handful of cigars from the counter. As fans are well aware, the character's always had a penchant for chomping stogies, both on camera and in the comics; it seems a few more decades and a failing healing factor haven't changed any of that. But with no healing, Logan better be careful—we'd think cancer might be a little more of a concern at this point.

There's no doubt this little girl is Laura Kinney

When it was announced that Logan would be teamed up with a young girl played by Dafne Keen, everyone pretty much assumed that character was Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23. In the comics, she's a clone of Wolverine, though we don't really know how closely they'll follow her printed origin. In the footage here, we see her pull off some signature Wolverine moves—most notably her two claws, a hallmark of the comics character. Put any fakeout worries to rest: this is definitely Laura.

The X-Men are celebrities, with their own comics

This Easter egg is particularly interesting: Logan finds a vintage X-Men comic Laura's been reading, which means the team members have become legends and heroes by this point. Director James Mangold confirmed as much to Digital Spy, saying the X-Men are "living under the weight of their own legacy and celebrity." They couldn't use actual Marvel Comics due to copyright issues, so they created their own with some old-school comics artists. For the issue seen onscreen, the cover was handled by Marvel legend Joe Quesada.

Donald Pierce is hunting for X-23

"I need the girl." Boyd Holbrook is playing the cybernetic baddie Donald Pierce, who's apparently on a mission with his gang of Reavers to recover X-23. We already know there aren't many mutants left at this point, so it seems someone really wants to get their hands on a little girl with Wolverine's power set—but it doesn't go really well for the goons. We did mention she has Wolverine's powers, right?

Logan is falling apart

In one scene, we see Logan cut himself on his own claw, and if you watch his evolution throughout the trailer, those cuts and bruises seem to be accumulating instead of healing. Pierce and his team of goons also get the drop on Wolverine, knocking him down and kicking him—all of which is hard to imagine happening in Logan's prime.There's a whole lot of blood in this movie, and a good bit of it looks to be Wolverine's.

Logan didn't know about X-23

Judging by the way the interactions between Logan and X-23 are presented, it seems he's as surprised as anyone to meet this super-powered little girl. "She's very much like you," Xavier tells him, as we see a shocked look on Logan's face.

X-23 is as dangerous, or more, than Wolverine

If you've been keeping up with Marvel's current comics run, X-23 actually serves as the main Wolverine following Logan's death (but not Old Man Logan, he's still around, because comics are confusing). The big-screen version of X-23 can kick just as much butt as her comics counterpart. We see X-23 take down a boatload of baddies in this trailer, teaming up with Wolverine more than a few times. Logan even has to calm her down a time or two, so it seems she might still be working through her anger issues.

It's a road trip movie

We see a few different environments in the trailer, which fits with reports that the film is essentially a road story. We see Logan, Laura and Xavier driving around a few times on long, empty roads. There's a forest, the desert where Logan's been living, and the fact that they literally stop off at a gas station—all telltale signs.

Dr. Zander Rice is pulling the strings

Aside from Donald Pierce's gang of thugs, we don't know a whole lot about the nefarious evil Logan will face. This trailer gives us a peek at Dr. Zander Rice (played by Richard E. Grant), who's apparently pulling the strings of Pierce's Reavers. From the scene here, Rice certainly looks to be in charge, as he gets off a helicopter flanked by flunkies. early plot information seems to indicate he's experimenting on mutants, which could explain why he sent Pierce to kidnap X-23.

Logan, Laura and Xavier are a makeshift family

Logan is in a tough place when Logan kicks off, but after spending some time with Laura and Xavier, he looks to have finally find a new sense of purpose. We see them all sitting around a table having dinner, as Xavier delivers the line: "This is what life looks like, people who love each other. A home." If this is Logan's last hurrah, here's hoping he finally finds some peace.

Wolverine vs. an RPG truck

Though the new trailer is atmospheric, we do get to see a good bit of action. This is an X-Men movie, after all. One action set piece that looks positively bonkers shows Logan running through the woods, chased by a truck shooting something pretty powerful at him. We only see a second or two of the scene, but it should be one heck of a good action sequence.

What is this? Some type of psychic force?

We have pretty much no idea what this is, but let's speculate. It looks to be Xavier in the center, washed out by a bright light. Is this some type of weapon? Psychic energy? It's impossible to say. But we see X-23 crawling toward him, and there seems to be a force trying to push her away. Is she trying to save him?

Wolverine goes full-on, bloody berserker

Wolverine has been in his fair share of fights on the big screen, but it looks like we'll finally get a full-on berserker rage in Logan. Mangold was ready to take full advantage of that R rating, and we see a bunch of blood and slashing in this closing fight scene. Fans have wanted a truly bloody, gory, unhinged Wolverine fight on the big screen for years, and Logan looks like it might finally deliver.

…and X-23 does, too

It's not just Logan getting in on the blood sport. We also see X-23 go flying through the air with her claws outstretched. The fight scene takes place in the woods, and looks to be against some of Pierce's Reavers. We wouldn't bet against the Wolverines.

"You still have time"

Though the film certainly looks to have its dark moments, the closing line ends on a hopeful note. Panning to a shot of Logan and Laura cruising down the road, Xavier promises "You still have time." No matter how bad the future seems, our heroes still have a shot.