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The Little Mermaid Set Photos Tease A Seriously Iconic Shot

Disney has been remaking its classic animated films into live-action movies for some time now, and the next beloved classic to get a live-action makeover is 1989's "The Little Mermaid." Initially planned to begin filming in April 2020, "The Little Mermaid" was struck with a pandemic-related production delay and finally started shooting in January 2021, where the cast and crew were finally able to safely meet in person (via the DisInsider).

Since then, we've gotten a few looks at how filming on the live-action "Little Mermaid" movie is going, with previous leaked photos showing Ariel actress Halle Bailey and Prince Eric actor Jonah Hauer-King at work. Now, thanks to photos obtained by Just Jared, we have snaps of the two together — potentially recreating an iconic scene from the original movie in which the two are in a boat together as Sebastian and other creatures sing "Kiss the Girl" in an attempt to get Eric to kiss Ariel and help her reclaim her voice.

The photos show our new Ariel and Eric going on a romantic boat ride

It's certainly exciting to see how filming is shaping up, especially with our romantic leads together. Halle Bailey is shown wearing a frilly, peach-colored dress, while Jonah Hauer-King wears a blue vest and pants similar to Prince Eric's original outfit as seen in the animated classic.

Not shown in the photos are any of the singing animals, which might be because they'll be added in post-production thanks to the magic of computer graphics. Awkwafina voices Scuttle, who's now a diving bird instead of a seagull, while Jacob Tremblay voices Flounder the fish and Daveed Diggs voices Sebastian the crab. 

The original film's composer Alan Menken will join "Hamilton" and "In the Heights" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda in writing new and re-imagined songs for the live-action feature, so fans should be excited to hear what the two musical geniuses create together.

"The Little Mermaid" doesn't yet have an exact release date.