Doctor Strange 'Honest' Trailer Addresses Iron Man Comparisons

Popular YouTube series Honest Trailers has had film fans giggling with geeky glee for quite a while, and the minds behind it are back again today with a video showing what Doctor Strange is \"really\" all about.

The brainchild of the entertainment site Screen Junkies, Honest Trailers takes a bit of an oddball approach to analyzing films: it mashes up the movie\'s main parts in a re-vamped trailer, wiping away all the cinematography and production enhancements to reveal the \"true\" story behind it all. Though results vary from film to film, they\'re almost always chuckle-worthy—and Doctor Strange is no exception.

Posted over on the Screen Junkies YouTube page, Doctor Strange\'s \"honest\" trailer rolls out joke after joke. It also acknowledges the incredible aesthetics that elevated the Marvel Cinematic Universe a few rungs higher than it once stood, in perhaps the funniest way imaginable: \"You ever watch Iron Man on weed?\"

But the Iron Man parallels don\'t stop there, as the video highlights the similarities of Benedict Cumberbatch\'s Stephen Strange and Robert Downey Jr.\'s Tony Stark, ones that many have argued muddle the distinction between the two films.

\"Experience the grand illusion that you haven\'t seen this movie before,\" the trailer\'s narrator says, \"as you sit through the heroic origins of this cocky but capable, super rich, wisecracking workaholic, with a weird goatee, in love with a redheaded subordinate, learning to be less selfish, played by a famous Sherlock Holmes actor.\"

These comparisons have been previously addressed by Doctor Strange screenwriter Jon Spaihts, who spoke with Heat Vision and discussed if Tony Stark would possibly end up replaced by the Sorcerer Supreme. While Spaihts did admit that there is \"a kind of vague parallel between the two of them,\" due in large part to their wealth, success, \"sardonic wit and... eye for the ladies,\" he argued that \"the simple reality of having [the characters] played by these two very individual and talented actors will serve to differentiate them\" (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Apart from the superhero similarities, the latest installment of Honest Trailers series makes like of Doctor Strange\'s mind-of-its-own coat and that one slightly weird scene involving dozens of hands. Take a look for yourself in the video above.

If you\'re still left scratching your head at what exactly happened in Doctor Strange, even after learning from Honest Trailers what it\'s \"really\" about, find out what the film\'s ending meant and brush up on its insane backstory.