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Chase From Too Hot To Handle: 5 Facts You Didn't Know

For an entertaining binge-watch, you don't necessarily need world-ending plots and A-list celebrities. Sometimes, you just need to put a bunch of attractive people on a beach and tell them they can't get physical with one another. At that point, the viewership numbers roll in.

That's the premise for one of the most successful Netflix reality series — "Too Hot to Handle." While the host tells the contestants not to have any sexy time, that doesn't mean they always abide by the rules. For this reason, you should probably make sure your parents aren't around when you decide to watch it. 

Season 2 of the romance series just came out on the streaming platform, and as expected, some gorgeous people have made their way to the Turks and Caicos Islands to win money and find love. One of the fan-favorites of the latest batch of episodes is Chase DeMoor from Seattle, Washington. He's more than just a pretty face, and here are some facts you may not know about him at first glance.

He's a football star

It should come as no surprise to hear that DeMoor is in great shape. He works as a professional football player, having gotten his start at the College of the Siskiyous before playing for the Houston Linemen and the Arizona Rattlers. He signed with the Rattlers in March 2021, so he's set to play during the 2021 Indoor Football League season. He brings his talents to the team that's already won the league's world championship six times. 

DeMoor's no stranger to winning the big game himself. The defensive end helped lead his previous team, the Houston Linemen, to win the Mega Bowl in June 2021 in a gripping match-up where they beat the Jousters (via Sportskeeda). DeMoor may be used to chasing a ball around, but for his time on "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2, he'll have to resist the urge to chase the ladies. Each display of affection any participants give results in the $100,000 grand prize dropping by a set dollar amount. 

He has a huge social media following

Chase DeMoor wasn't keeping his good looks to himself before appearing on "Too Hot to Handle." As a football player, he was a public figure, and the aftermath of being a star of a hit Netflix series has only made his profile grow larger. Right now, he has over 175,000 followers on Instagram. There are plenty of people who want to see him working up a sweat out on the field or taking some time to relax with a few candids. 

As of late, his posts have related to his time on "Too Hot to Handle," encouraging his followers to check him out as new Season 2 episodes come out. One of his most recent videos sees him joining forces with his fellow cast member Nathan Webb. Season 1 contestant Harry Jowsey also gets in on the fun as the trio reveals what valuable (and hilarious) life lessons they learned from being on "Too Hot to Handle."

He's also active on TikTok

In the event Instagram still doesn't give you enough Chase DeMoor in your life, you can always see what he's up to on TikTok. The football player has amassed an astonishing 1.3 million followers on that platform, and his videos regularly garner tens of thousands of views. Like his presence on Instagram, many of his older posts deal with his time on the football field, such as how he gets ready before stepping out to play. 

He also uses the service to show that he has a sense of humor about himself. One of the most memorable moments to come out of "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2 is when Chase opens up to Carly Lawrence about his true feelings for her. Of course, he loses his train of thought when a big bug lands on his forehead, causing both of them to freak out. One of his most popular TikToks as of late involves a meme where the bug in question talks to him about whether or not he qualifies as a "f*** boi."

He's experienced significant tragedy in his past

If you only make an opinion on Chase DeMoor from looking at social media and his time on "Too Hot to Handle," it may seem like he's all fun all of the time. In 2018, DeMoor interviewed with NFL Draft Diamonds, where he revealed a tragic component of his past. "I lost my dad when I was 10 years old and was raised with my mom and her abusive husband at the time," he said. "I was fortunate enough to choose to make this a blessing in my life as an understanding that this was not the way I wanted to live my life, so I worked to make sure I left for college and pursued a college and athletic career, I feel as my dad watches over me and I will do whatever it takes to make him proud."

DeMoor has certainly succeeded when it comes to making a career out of football. With some time on "Too Hot to Handle," hopefully, he can find that one true love.

He'd be a police officer if he couldn't play football

It's always a good idea to have a backup plan in place when it comes to applying to colleges, working on an assignment, or deciding who you want to hook up with on "Too Hot to Handle." As DeMoor has revealed in a couple of different interviews, he knows precisely what he would want to do if the whole football thing didn't work out. In an interview with NFL Draft Blitz, he's asked, "What do you want to do with your life after your football career is over?" DeMoor responded, "I want to be a police officer."

He echoed those sentiments in his NFL Draft Diamonds interview by saying, "I would be a police officer as well as a football coach just so I can be close to the game and serve my community!" One thing's for sure: If his love for Carly Lawrence is as genuine as it seems, he may soon add "husband" to his resume, as well.