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Carly From Too Hot To Handle: 5 Facts You Didn't Know

Over the course of the past few years, Netflix has heavily expanded their slate of original programming to include something for all tastes. Their movie selection has included everything from movies like "The Irishman," directed by Martin Scorsese, and "Mank" from David Fincher, to the "To All The Boys" romantic comedy trilogy, starring Lana Condor, and the action film "Project Power," starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Their TV slate has been similarly all-encompassing, including shows such as period romance "Bridgerton," from Shonda Rhimes' production company Shondaland, to the zombie apocalypse thriller "Black Summer," starring Jaime King.

Reality television is a genre that Netflix has not shied away from, either. In fact, the streaming service made a major splash in the arena in 2020 with "Too Hot To Handle," a reality show where a number of participants were brought together and told that they must abstain from any sexual activity to win the grand prize of $100,000. Every time the contestants broke the rule, the total prize would be reduced.

The show earned a quick renewal, and when the Season 2 contestants were introduced, one member of the ensemble immediately stood out: Carly Lawrence. Here are five facts you didn't know about Carly.

Carly is a professional model and used to be a competitive dancer

"Too Hot To Handle" is far from Carly's first time with cameras on her — in fact, she's already made a career in front of it, which explains her ease in regard to joining up with the reality show. Prior to her appearance on the show, Carly already had a career as a professional model, having worked with Toronto-based fashion designer brand Hayley Elsaesser, as Bustle pointed out. She also has a Fanchella and an OnlyFans account, both of which she links to from her website, proving that she's in charge of her own career.

However, modeling is not Carly's only skill, as she also used to be a competitive dancer, according to People Magazine. It's unclear what caused her to give up dancing in favor of modeling, but her most recent TikTok video seems to indicate that she's not averse to breaking out some dance moves to Britney Spears if the mood strikes her. If her popularity continues to rise, a return to dancing may not be off the table, since it is clearly a longtime passion of hers.

Carly does have one male she's committed to

In describing herself to People Magazine ahead of the premiere of "Too Hot To Handle," Carly referred to herself as a "man-eater" and declared that she had no interest in finding the perfect partner. She also declared that when she's assessing guys, the primary feature she's looking for is someone who'd be a fun hangout for the night (via Bustle.) The combination of these factors would have made the stipulations of the show particularly tricky for Carly to navigate if she hadn't also admitted to an aversion to following rules.

However, it would be incorrect to declare that Carly is averse to commitment as a whole, as an Instagram post from a year ago showed her posing with her dog, with the caption "Me, my boyfriend, and...his cotton balls." While she doesn't seem to have revealed what her dog is named, he features on a number of Carly's social media posts on Instagram and TikTok, proving that he's a regular fixture in her life.

Carly has multiple tattoos

While the Netflix poster shows off a butterfly tattoo Carly has on her left hip, it's not the only tattoo the "Too Hot To Handle" contestant sports. In an Instagram post from earlier this year, the model held out her right hand, revealing a second butterfly tattoo near the base of her ring finger, and the year 1964 inscribed horizontally across her index finger. Stars Offline also points out that Carly has a fourth tattoo of a butterfly and a word across her wrist, though this was not highlighted in the post alongside the tattoos on her right hand.

When showing off the tattoos, Carly remained cryptic as to the significance of the year, though one can surmise that it is important enough for Carly to inscribe it in a place where she can look at it easily and often. The presence of at least two confirmed butterfly tattoos, however, does establish her fondness for them. What draws her to butterflies, though, remains a mystery.

Carly is the second Canadian to appear on the show

Season 1 of "Too Hot To Handle" included contestant Francesca Farago, who shook things up among the crowd by being a Canadian representative on the show, having been born in Ottawa (via Global News). Francesca made a major splash over the course of the season, particularly with fellow contestant Harry Jowsey, leading to questions about the duo remaining a couple after the season ended.

Season 2 of "Too Hot To Handle" features contestants from a variety of locales, according to People Magazine, such as the UK, New Zealand, France, and, of course, the United States. However, Carly Lawrence has stepped in as a geographical successor to Francesca, as Carly herself hails from the city of Toronto in Canada. Her birthplace is something Carly also shares with fashion brand Hayley Elsaesser, whom Carly models for, indicating a degree of hometown pride in Carly's spirit, which is further accentuated by her modeling for local eyelash shops on their Instagram (via Narcity.) Her presence adds a uniquely Canadian flavor to the proceedings that no other contestant can claim to bring, and certainly sets her apart from the crowd.

Carly is one of the younger contestants of Season 2

It's no secret that "Too Hot To Handle," like many other reality shows, opts for contestants in their 20s, and this becomes more obvious given the show's central conceit that winning the grand prize means not engaging in any kind of sexual activity. This is particularly challenging for contestants in their 20s, who are more accustomed to a carefree sexual lifestyle.

However, even among the contestants in Season 2, Carly Lawrence stands out. Carly is 24 years old, as reported by People, which puts her alongside Cam and Chase as the only people on Season 2 who are that young. At 21, Peter is the only contestant younger than Carly, and the youngest participant of the season. Everyone else is older than the model, with Larissa clocking in as the oldest member of the Season 2 ensemble, at 28.

Whether age will play a factor in the dynamic Carly has with her fellow contestants is certainly something worth watching out for. Whether she gravitates to the other participants her own age — or moves towards someone older, or even Peter — will be seen when the remaining episodes of Season 2 are released on Netflix on June 30.