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Cam From Too Hot To Handle: 5 Facts You Didn't Know

"Too Hot To Handle" returned to Netflix for a second season after Season 1 absolutely dominated the platform back in 2020. According to Deadline, the first season was the most-viewed show on the streamer across 10 countries — and Season 2 seems to be performing quite well, having landed in the top 10 list during its first week available. The series tests the limits of hot young singles who are urged to form deep romantic connections with one another while being forbidden to engage in any sexual activity. Breaking the rules results in a deduction of money from the group's total prize money, something the cast has been dealing with on a daily basis.

This season kicked off with 10 contestants — five male and five female. Two more joined the group to mix things up at the end of Episode 4, but one single is standing out among the rest due to his love of breaking the rules. Cam Holmes has broken more rules than anyone in the house after indulging in a few make-outs and occasional heavy petting with co-star Emily Miller. While Emily was just as guilty, Cam took the lead when he partook in some self-gratification, which is also against the rules. So who is this bad boy causing all the stir on Season 2 of "Too Hot To Handle?" We did a deep dive to find out.

He was a serial dater

According to Cam Holmes himself, he's been a serial dater for quite sometime. When speaking with Mail Online just after Season 2 of "Too Hot to Handle" came out, he revealed his loose dating style prior to appearing on the show. "I went in as this serial dater, I've been single for four years and I couldn't stick to any girl," he said. That couldn't have been more evident as he began the series completely invested in Emily Miller, but shifted his sites to newcomer Christina Carmela as soon as she was thrown into the mix.

Cam went from one woman to another in less than a week, and almost crossed the line with Christina within the first hour of knowing her. He eventually stopped himself from kissing his new favorite — who he described as just his type — because he didn't want to lose the group any more money. We'll find out at the reunion if he still considers himself a serial dater or not.

He's a model and personal trainer

As with many a contestant on reality series these days, Cam Holmes is a model. His Instagram profile says that he's currently with the FOMO Models agency, who also represents his initial love interest, Emily Miller. FOMO also manages Kori Sampson, who was the show's Season 1 bad boy. It looks like Cam was modeling way before he became a Netflix star, as he has Instagram posts going back two years of himself in different campaigns. One of his earliest gigs was with Manière De Voir for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Additionally, Cam is a personal trainer, according to his Netflix bio. While he has a body that proves he's into fitness, there isn't much of a trace of his training on social media. The fact that he's a trainer is missing from his Instagram bio as well, and it looks like he might have dropped the career since becoming a reality television personality.

He's huge on social media

Before his time on "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2, Cam wasn't too popular on social media. On June 21, Screen Rant noted the Welsh bad boy had just over 13,000 followers. Now that millions of streamers have met Cam on the series, his follower count has skyrocketed. At the time of this publication, his Instagram follower count currently sits at over 220,000. After his overnight rise to reality stardom, Cam launched new social media accounts, bringing in more followers.

Fans of the Netflix star can find him on TikTok, where he also has over 200,000 followers. His videos become more and more popular by the day as they bring in thousands of more views per each new post. Additionally, Cam is on Snapchat and Twitter, where he has slightly fewer followers. He's also created a YouTube page and has a few hundred subscribers despite not having any posts at this time. Fans can also book Cam on Cameo, where he'll deliver a personal message for $83.

He considers himself a nerd

Cam Holmes briefly mentions on "Too Hot to Handle" that he's a nerd — a "sexy" one as it's described on his Netflix bio. It's one of the very first things he tells the audience, even going as far as to do a spot-on Gollum impression during one of his talking-head interviews. In a quick conversation between himself, Emily Miller, and Marvin Anthony, it's revealed Cam has a "Lord of the Rings" tattoo. His nerdiness has even carried over into the bedroom, as he's admitted to engaging in roleplay where his partner dressed up as an elf.

It's not just "Lord of the Rings" that excites him, though, as Cam is also a Pokémon fan. In one of his newest Instagram posts, a Pokémon card can be seen between his clear phone case and his iPhone. He also changes out the card regularly, as an older post shows an entirely different Pokémon on his phone. "Will I ever grow up and stop carrying around a Pokémon card in my phone case? Probably not," he wrote in his caption.

Reality teleivision has changed him

Since appearing on Season 2 of "Too Hot to Handle," Cam Holmes thinks he's a changed man. While he used to be a serial dater, he told Mail Online recently that's not the case anymore. "I'm literally a changed person," he said. Cam also admitted that he had some problems before coming onto the show, but he appears to have worked that all out. "'I had a lot of issues which I didn't even know I had, and the show brought it up to the surface," he told the outlet. "Even when I came home my friends and family were like yea 'you're legit a different person, a different boy,' or a man like I like to say."

Cam says there's more to life now than just sex, something only "Too Hot to Handle" could teach him. "Before the show, for me, it was just sex and nothing really mattered but since the villa I just realized there's a lot more to it than just sex," he said. Only time will tell if Cam really is a changed man, but we'll enjoy more episodes of his rule-breaking while he was still his old self.