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Q-Force Netflix - What We Know So Far

With Pride month nearly over, Netflix has dropped the first trailer for its upcoming LGBTQ+ animated spy comedy series, "Q-Force" — the "Q" is for queer, if that wasn't clear.

Among several great LGBTQ+ series on Netflix, "Q-Force" will carve out its own place as a raunchy, rainbow-filled romp through over-the-top undercover antics. Per Them, It's made by LGBTQ+ people, who are in writer, executive producer, and cast roles on the series, with the comedy chops of producers and writers from well-loved series like "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

In the starring role is Sean Hayes as Agent Mary, whose intelligence agency bosses don't respond too kindly when he comes out of the closet. Rather than accepting defeat, he assembles his own genius team to become the first openly queer field agents in the American Intelligence Agency. The likes of Agent Mary, Twink, Deb, and Stat will join a growing roster of openly LGBTQ+ cartoon characters as soon as the series premieres.

Here's everything we know about "Q-Force" so far.

When is the Q-Force release date?

While June might have been the obvious choice for an LGBTQ+ focused series release date, as it's officially Pride month, "Q-Force" will come in hot at the end of the summer: According to Deadline, Netflix announced that the release date will be September 2. The season will be 10 episodes long, perfect for a long weekend binge over Labor Day.

The series' creators are Michael Schur of "The Good Place" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and Sean Hayes, the openly gay actor best known for playing Jack McFarland on "Will & Grace." The showrunner of "Q-Force" is Gabe Liedman, who's been a writer for several comedies, including "PEN15" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." All three are executive producing, along with Todd Milliner ("Grimm") and David Miner ("Master of None"). Many of them have worked together before "Q-Force" on other series, including "B99," forming a very experienced crew of creators.

Who is in the Q-Force cast?

Several members of the cast are part of the LGBTQ+ community. As noted before, the main crew, aka the Q-Force in question, is led by Sean Hayes as Steve Maryweather, a highly skilled agent of the American Intelligence Agency (AIA) nicknamed Agent Mary. Alongside him is the mechanic and gadget holder — think, well, Q from "James Bond" — Deb, the energetic disguise master and drag queen Twink, the hacker-with-a-secret Stat, and the resident straight guy Agent Buck.

The lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes, known for her stand-up, writing, and acting, will play Deb, while Patti Harrison, known for writing on "Big Mouth," plays Stat. The voice of Twink is Matt Rogers, a voice on Stephen Colbert's animated satire series "Our Cartoon President" and co-host of Quibi's "Gayme Show." In the role of Agent Buck is "Stranger Things" star David Harbour.

Gary Cole, who plays Director Dirk Chunley, has plenty of other spy-themed voice acting experience in "Archer" and "Kim Possible" to draw on for his role as the head of the AIA. Meanwhile, Laurie Metcalf, known for "Lady Bird" and "Roseanne," will voice Deputy Director V, while showrunner and gay man Gabe Liedman plays Agent Mary's love interest, Benji.

What is the plot of Q-Force?

At its core, "Q-Force” is about a team of LQBTQ+ spies trying to prove their worth to the American Intelligence Agency. According to Deadline, the plot centers around Agent Mary who is a top-performing member of the AIA, but is relegated to the obscure West Hollywood branch when he comes out as gay. There, he assembles his elite team and solves a case before the AIA accepts them as secret agents. However, they have to include the straight Agent Buck in their group and prove themselves as worthwhile members of the organization.

Netflix dropped a trailer that teases what the show will be like, including shots of what looks like a Pride parade followed by classic spy things like car chases, climbing walls, and lots of fighting. Ultimately, the animated series is a comedy, so it includes cheeky moments such as a villain saying, "You can't pander to the gays. They can smell it. You're acting like Citibank at Pride."

Whether or not "Q-Force" reveals itself as a poor attempt at pandering or a solid new LGBTQ+ series remains to be seen on September 2.