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Madame X TV Series - What We Know So Far

HBO Max is expanding their relationship with DC Comics with a series of potentially interconnected shows. Fans have already known that a Justice League Dark series was on the way, that "Constantine" is in development, and that the streaming service has plans for a miniseries called "Peacemaker," with John Cena reprising the character he played in "Suicide Squad." However, it looks like fans can add another name to the roster of DC antiheroes getting their own show.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the streaming service has commissioned a new series that will revolve around Madame X. The shadowy sorceress, who is sometimes called Madame Xanadu, but is also known by her real name, Nimue, has been a part of the DC Universe since 1978, according to THR, and has long been associated with Justice League Dark stories. In previous iterations, she has been a master of magic and the occult, often utilizing tarot cards to tell the future and telekinesis to bend objects to her will (per Fandom).

While there is still a lot about the project that HBO Max has yet to reveal, initial reports have given fans a couple of clues of what they can expect. Here is everything we know about the release date, cast, and plot of "Madame X."

When will the HBO Madame X series be released?

With so many moving pieces in play for shows on HBO Max based on DC Comics heroes who are at least somewhat related, it is pretty tricky to pin down when fans can expect "Madame X" to be released. However, fans can be reasonably sure that it won't be until 2022 at the earliest, and it may not even start streaming until 2023.

Fans can look at some of the DC Comics projects in the works at HBO Max to try and get a better idea of the scope of the streaming service's ambitions. According to THR, "Madame X" will be developed by J.J. Abrams' production company, Bad Robot, which is also involved with the Justice League Dark project and "Constantine." It is a fair assumption to imagine that these projects might link up in a crossover event in the style of "The Avengers."

To try and figure out the release date, it all comes down to timing. If the Justice League Dark project, which fans have known about the longest, is released first, then "Madame X" probably will not arrive until 2023. However, if the character-focused shows, like "Constantine," are introduced before the Justice League Dark show begins, the series might air in late 2022.

Who is in the cast of the HBO Madame X series?

With so few details available, the casting of "Madame X" is still up in the air. HBO Max declined to comment to both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, which indicates that the streaming service, and its related production companies, are trying to keep details from going public before they have more to announce.

Fans do have some information available about who will be guiding the series, however. Deadline reports that J.J. Abrams has picked Angela Robinson to lead the project. Robinson is an experienced TV writer and director, whose previous credits include the HBO shows "Hung" and "True Blood," the biopic "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women," and the first four issues of "Web" for DC Comics.

The most recent portrayal of Madame X on TV was on the short-lived "Swamp Thing" series on DC Universe. In that show, Madame X was played by Jeryl Prescott and was depicted as a blind fortune teller, although this is not likely to have much of an influence on how she appears on HBO Max's version.

What is the plot of the HBO Max Madame X series?

Sadly, fans have been given very few specifics about what they can expect from the story of HBO Max's "Madame X" series. Whether viewers are granted an in-depth origin story or become closer acquainted with a character who has already developed her powers will likely depend on the show's relationship to the other HBO Max DC Comics series in the works.

That said, Madame X has a deep backstory, with many different traits and powers for the series to potentially explore. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, in one of the most famous stories that Madame X was involved in, "The New 52" from DC Comics, she offered her assistance to the Justice League Dark and was revealed as Doctor Destiny's biological mother. Other times, she has been an associate of Spectre, and she has also been seen working with the Suicide Squad.

However, an article by Deadline points to another potential take on Madame X. Apparently, in some editions of the comics Madame X appeared in, she worked at a law firm where her psychic abilities helped her solve crimes. This type of presentation of the character might give her a much more grounded backstory to build around.

While there may be many details yet to come, fans should be excited to see "Madame X" get a full series treatment, and it will be interesting to see how it ties into a larger Justice League Dark project.