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This Deepfake Of Jim Carrey As James Bond Will Freak You Out

Over its nearly 60-year history as a film franchise, Agent 007 has had plenty of different actors portray him, from Sean Connery in 1962's "Dr. No" to the current iteration being Daniel Craig, starting in 2006's "Casino Royale" and continuing to 2021's "No Time to Die." However, one fan created, depending on how you look at it, a dream come true or a total abomination: James Bond portrayed by none other than Carrey. Jim Carrey.

Done by YouTuber Jarken, the video overlays Carrey's iconic face onto that of Pierce Brosnan in 1999's "The World Is Not Enough," seeming to use a younger version of Carrey from around that time as well. Jarken cuts to different scenes throughout the movie, occasionally showing a side-by-side comparison of the original actor next to the Carrey-fied version. It's weird and a little unsettling, as most deepfakes are, but also oddly convincing and even fitting.

Jim Carrey looks strangely at home in Agent 007's suit

When most people think of Jim Carrey, they think of his outlandish performances as the Grinch, Lloyd Christmas in "Dumb and Dumber," and his more recent role as Dr. Robotnik in 2020's "Sonic the Hedgehog." In many of these performances, Carrey contorts his face to bizarre proportions, stretching his eyebrows and mouth to hysterical effect. However, as "The Truman Show" and "Man on the Moon" have proven, the actor can also perform well in more serious roles, and that's the type of Carrey we're seeing here, albeit a faked version of him.

The next "James Bond" film won't have Carrey's face in it, but it will have Daniel Craig's when "No Time to Die" finally releases in theaters on October 8, 2021. If you need more of the actual actor on your screen, you'll have to wait until April 8, 2022, when Carrey set to reprise his role of Dr. Robotnik in "Sonic the Hedgehog 2."