Live-Action Polly Pocket Movie - What We Know So Far

If you were a kid in the '90s, you remember Polly Pocket. It was a line of dolls, but the thing that made Polly Pocket different was the size. The dolls were less than an inch tall and came with little tiny dollhouses that opened and closed like a clamshell. For a time between approximately 1989 and 1996, they were one of the most coveted toys on the market. They're still being made, but they're not as in-demand as they used to be — which is probably why Mattel has commissioned a Polly Pocket movie. They're going to make Polly Pocket relevant once again.

Variety reports that Mattel Films – the film division of the toy-making giant – and MGM have enlisted controversy-prone "Girls" creator Lena Dunham to write and direct a live-action Polly Pocket movie, much to fans' chagrin.

"Polly Pocket was responsible for countless hours of childhood escapism for me – Polly gave me a tiny world of magic and autonomy to narrate, so it's pretty poetic to be tackling these same ideas now as a director...I'm so thrilled to bring to bear both my love of this historic property and also my deep-seated belief that young women need smart playful films that speak to them without condescension," Dunham said in a statement. 

Here's what we know so far about the live-action Polly Pocket movie.

What's Polly Pocket's release date?

The as-yet-untitled film was just announced on June 24, so it's a long way off from entering production, let alone having a release date. The script likely isn't even written yet.

Currently, Dunham is in post-production (via IMDb) on an adaptation of the children's historical novel "Catherine, Called Birdy" she wrote and directed. That movie has a great cast including "Game of Thrones" and "The Last of Us" star Bella Ramsey as the title character, "Game of Thrones" and "1917" star Dean-Charles Chapman, and the Hot Priest from "Fleabag," Andrew Scott. Therefore, meaningful work on the Polly Pocket movie will have to wait until after "Catherine, Called Birdy" is completed. 

Dunham also wrote and directed an indie film called "Sharp Stick" that's in the can and seeking a distributor, according to Variety. Little is known about "Sharp Stick" –- which was shot in secret -– aside from the cast, which includes "Zola" star Taylour Paige, indie film icon Jennifer Jason Leigh, and "The Walking Dead" alum Jon Bernthal.

So, to make a long story short, Dunham is busy, and "Polly Pocket" will probably have to wait until she can devote some time to it.

Who's in the cast of the Polly Pocket movie?

The Polly Pocket movie is set to star Lily Collins, best known as the star of the hit Netflix series "Emily in Paris," which is currently in production on Season 2. Collins will also serve as a producer on the film.

"As a child who was obsessed with Polly Pocket, this is a real dream come true and I can't wait to bring these tiny toys to the big screen," Collins said in a statement to Variety.

In addition to "Emily in Paris," which is currently shooting its second season, Collins is known for the sports drama "The Blind Side," the anorexia drama "To the Bone," director Bong Joon-ho's environmentalist adventure film "Okja," and the Best Picture-nominated biopic "Mank." She's a two-time Golden Globe acting nominee, for the 2016 movie "Rules Don't Apply" and for Season 1 of "Emily in Paris."

No other cast members for the Polly Pocket movie have been announced. It's unknown at this point whether or not Lena Dunham will herself appear in the movie.

What's the Polly Pocket movie about?

According to Variety, the film will tell the story of "a young girl and a pocket-sized woman who form a friendship." No other plot details have been revealed at this time.

It will be the first live-action Polly Pocket project, but not the first overall. There's also currently an animated series called "Polly Pocket" that airs on the Canadian TV network Family Channel and is available to stream on Netflix. It's about a girl named Polly who has a magical locket that allows her and her friends to shrink to a tiny size and go on adventures. The voice cast includes Emily Tennant, Shannon Chan-Kent, and Kazumi Evans.

The live-action Polly Pocket is one of many films based on Mattel toys that Mattel Films has in development. The most prominent one is a "Barbie" movie from writer-director Greta Gerwig and producer-star Margot Robbie. Mattel also has American Girl, Barney, and Hot Wheels movies in the works, per Variety.