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How Accurate Is 2 Hearts?

When viewers tuned into the movie "2 Hearts," they knew that they weren't just in for a standard romantic drama. The 2020 movie focuses on the parallel love stories of two couples. "2 Hearts" not only follows the budding relationship of college students Christopher "Chris" Gregory (Jacob Elordi) and Samantha "Sam" Peters (Tiera Skovbye) but also focuses on the love story of Leslie (Radha Mitchell) and Jorge Bacardi (Adan Canto) of the Bacardi Rum family company.

"2 Hearts" treads into familiar love story territory for the two couples before a unique connection somehow brings them together. In the movie, Chris tragically loses his life to a brain aneurysm. However, he volunteered as an organ donor, and as a result, his organs go to several other recipients, one of whom is Jorge Bacardi, who, after suffering from a debilitating lung disease, gets a lung transplant thanks to Chris. Jorge then begins communicating with Chris' parents.

While the movie's plot tugs at our heartstrings and stands out among other romance films, it's also actually based on real events written about by Chris' father, Eric Gregory.

Much of 2 Hearts is based on the book All My Tomorrows

According to Elle Australia Magazine, many of the details in "2 Hearts" are based on Eric Gregory's book "All My Tomorrows: A Story of Tragedy, Transplant and Hope." Chris Gregory was a real college student who died, and his act of organ donation helped five other recipients, including the real Jorge Bacardi, who actually did need a lung transplant. There were a few differences between the film and real life. For instance, Chris' partner was named Jenn; in the movie, her name is Sam. Additionally, "2 Hearts" depicts a dream life in which Jenn and Chris get married and have a baby. This is, tragically, much different than real life, as Chris died at the age of 19 while still a college freshman.

But just about everything else depicted in the film is relatively accurate, including Jorge reaching out to Chris' parents. According to a piece Eric Gregory wrote for America Magazine, Jorge wrote a letter to Chris' parents thanking them for the "gift of life" he'd received from Chris. And just as the credits detailed in "2 Hearts," Jorge was so moved by Chris' donation that he opened up the Gabriel House of Care, a nonprofit facility that offers those who are waiting for a transplant a place to stay.

Per Elle Australia Magazine, Jorge and Leslie were also involved in the production of "2 Hearts." Unfortunately, Jorge passed away shortly before the movie's premiere.