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The Couple That Will Break The Most Rules On Too Hot To Handle Season 2

In 2020, Netflix introduced its most salacious reality TV experiment yet. "Too Hot to Handle" took a familiar premise — a group of attractive and eager singles are sent to a tropical resort to become better acquainted — and threw in a cruel twist. At the end of the series, the contestants who remain split a $100,000 prize pot. But for every instance of kissing, groping, or any other kind of carnal contact, money is subtracted. Worse yet, there's an all-knowing computer system called Lana watching their every move.

On Season 1, the winning contestants managed to keep $75,000 to split. And those contestants should count themselves lucky, because, in the first four episodes of Season 2, which dropped on June 23, the group has already lost a shocking $32,000. That means their prize pot is only at $68,000 with many more possibilities for penalties ahead of them.

There are a few couples who have contributed to that dramatic drop in funds. Brooklynite and model Melinda put herself in the hot seat by stealing a costly kiss with both French social media influencer Marvin and TikTok sensation Peter, while Peter also shared the love with Carly. However, those infractions pale in comparison to one couple who has been single-handedly responsible for about half of the money lost so far.

If the other contestants want to have a snowball's chance in Turks and Caicos of walking away with more than some bus fare, they'll need to keep their eyes on Emily and Cam, who are proving themselves to be quite literally incapable of keeping their hands off one another. Here's why they're on track to becoming the costliest couple in "Too Hot to Handle" history.

Emily and Cam are blowing through the prize money on Too Hot to Handle

Londoner Emily and self-proclaimed "sexy nerd" Cam may not be totally in sync as a couple (she doesn't seem to share his deep love of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy) but that hasn't stopped them from terrorizing the other contestants with their constant rule breaks. On the first day of Lana-induced celibacy alone, they cost the group $6,000. And unfortunately for the others, they were just getting started.

Emily and Cam's behavior was so bad during the first four episodes that Lana even gave them a special task that would give them the opportunity to earn back some of the lost funds. All they had to do was spend the night in a private suite together with no funny business and they would put $10,000 back in the pot and return to the group heroes. Unfortunately, they not only failed to win back the money, but their activities in the private suite cost the group an additional $5,000.

Now, to be fair to Emily, she's not the main contributor to the couple's high price tag. Cam alone cost the group $2,000 after he committed a, uh, solo infraction that was caught by Lana. He told everyone his personal dalliance was "an investment" in future good behavior, but considering that was before their expensive night in the private suite, it looks like it didn't pay off.

Will Emily and Cam keep hemorrhaging prize money? Or will Lana be able to get them in line? We'll have to wait until the next batch of "Too Hot to Handle" episodes drops on June 30 to find out.