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Who Is Larissa Trownson From Netflix's Too Hot To Handle?

"Too Hot To Handle" Season 2 has officially begun airing on Netflix, giving fans plenty of sexy, messy TV drama to enjoy. Like most reality competitions, a new season means a brand new cast of contestants to get to know. Although there are still plenty of episodes to go, contestant Larissa Trownson is becoming one to watch.

To recap, "Too Hot To Handle" invites several hot singles to a tropical island paradise, before ultimately revealing that they can't partake in any sexual behavior. Doing anything remotely steamy will cause money to be deducted from the $100,000 cash prize. That's unfortunate for Larissa, who proclaims her best assets are her boobs because "my brain doesn't get me free drinks."

However, the Auckland, New Zealand native also has a strong brain, because she works as a lawyer. "I'm the real-life 'Legally Blonde,' but I'm also legally horny," Larissa explains in her intro package.

Let's break down everything to know about the new "Too Hot To Handle" star.

Larissa is a lawyer, party girl, and unofficial "Tinkerbell"

This Kiwi lawyer-turned-reality star is a force to be reckoned with this season, and her real life is just as impressive. Larissa graduated law school in 2016, with a double degree in law and a Bachelor of Arts in criminology and criminal science. Upon graduating, she wrote on Instagram, "Thanks to everyone who supported me along with my 5 year journey to becoming Elle Woods." And as her Instagram bio reads, "You can be intellectual & wear a bikini too."

On the series, the 28-year-old told Netflix she loves to party and gain attention from men when she does go out, so much so that her friends refer to her as Tinkerbell (the "Peter Pan" character who famously needs attention or she'll die). Larissa notes she "isn't a one-man kind of girl," and has a type based on the three Bs: brunette, banter, and balls.

But in early episodes, Larissa formed a connection with a blonde hunk named Nathan Webb, so fans will have to see if she rethinks her "no blondes" stance as the season progresses.