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Too Hot To Handle Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Netflix is turning up the heat in June with the release of "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2. The steamy reality dating competition series is back after a year-long hiatus. 

"Too Hot to Handle" made big waves when it premiered on Netflix back in May 2020, titillating viewers with its absolutely bonkers premise: Could a group of twenty-something singles keep the temptation to hook up at bay long enough to win a communal prize of $100,000? Or would they let their carnal desires get the better of them? The buzzy premise seemed to work because, despite the show's low critical ratings (Season 1 holds a 37% on Rotten Tomatoes), "Too Hot to Handle" quickly became one of the most-viewed shows in Netflix's history, per Business Insider. In fact, the success of "Too Hot to Handle" and its attention-grabbing premise was apparently so successful that, in January, it was revealed by Variety that Netflix not only renewed the reality show but secretly filmed two more seasons during the pandemic. Sneaky, sneaky!

If the recently released trailer (via YouTube) is anything to go by, Season 2 looks to be even wilder than the first season. New contestants, a new location, and more temptation, but the same objective — "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2 is definitely must-see TV. Here's everything we know about Season 2 ahead of its season premiere.

When will Too Hot to Handle Season 2 be released?

Luckily for fans, Netflix has already announced the official release date for "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2. Or, should we say "release dates," actually? 

That's right: There will technically be two big release dates where "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2 is concerned. As revealed in a date announcement trailer released on YouTube in mid-May, "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2 will release its first five episodes on Netflix on Wednesday, June 23. Then, on Wednesday, June 30, the final five episodes will be released so viewers can find out if the new group of contestants can really play by the rules. 

Netflix hasn't released an official statement on this split release strategy, but it's likely being done to keep audiences hooked on the drama as it unfolds and possibly boost viewership numbers from week to week. If this release strategy proves successful, we could expect Netflix to use it when the time comes to release "Too Hot to Handle" Season 3.

Who are the contestants on Too Hot to Handle Season 2?

There will be 10 new contestants featured in "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2. Thanks to Entertainment Tonight's helpful cast breakdown, we know the five men and five women jetting off to a new tropical destination are a fairly diverse bunch, similar to the Season 1 cast. Contestants hail from the UK, Canada, New Zealand, France, and the U.S., and all of them are in their 20s. 

For a closer look at the contestants, you can check out Netflix's "Meet the Cast" preview on YouTube or read our basic rundown below (or both!). Here's what we know about the Season 2 contestants:

  • Cam: A 24-year-old model and personal trainer from Wales, UK
  • Carly: A 24-year-old model from Toronto, Canada
  • Chase: A 24-year-old athlete from Arizona
  • Emily: A 27-year-old model from the UK
  • Kayla: A 26-year-old model and bartender from Florida
  • Larissa: A 28-year-old lawyer from Auckland, New Zealand
  • Marvin: A 26-year-old model and influencer from France
  • Melinda: A 28-year-old model from New York
  • Nathan: A 27-year-old former stripper who originally hails from the UK but now lives in Texas
  • Peter: A 21-year-old personal trainer from New York

Where will Too Hot to Handle Season 2 be located?

The Caribbean island setting is a new location for the Netflix reality TV show. Previously, Season 1 was filmed at the Casa Tau resort in Punta Mita, Mexico (via Bustle). The location not only offered swoon-worthy views, but also plenty of surf and sand for the Season 1 cast to romp around in as they tried to keep things casual. The tropical location no doubt helped to set the mood for the reality competition series, with the heat keeping the contestants minimally clothed in an effort to tempt them into hooking up and forcing the rest of the cast to lose out on a big payday. 

For Season 2, "Too Hot to Handle" will see the brand new cast of singletons trying to play it cool for cash in a similarly tropical location, albeit much further away than Punta Mita. Instead, Season 2 will be located at the fabulous Turtle Tail Estate vacation destination of on the Providenciales island in Turks and Caicos (via BT). A quick glance through the official Turtle Tail Estate website reveals a location which is relatively secluded, ensconced by extensive beaches and plenty of crystal blue water. This new location could be even more of an invitation to the Season 2 cast to break the rules and hook up rather than stay chaste for cash.