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The Olympics Entry Ticket That Sold For Big Money On Pawn Stars

Over the years, the cast of History's "Pawn Stars" has bought all sorts of Olympic memorabilia, from pins to Wheaties boxes to coats. In the Season 10 episode "Van Gogh a Go Go," Rick and Corey Harrison encounter a rare ticket stub from the 1900 Olympics in France. The 1900 Games were the second international Olympics in modern history, held alongside the World's Fair in Paris instead of Athens, Greece, which had been the initial plan. This began the practice of moving the Olympics every four years, making this ticket both old and significant.

The seller, Mike, is asking $200 for the ticket, although he says in his interview that he "would entertain" $100, as he is selling it so that he can buy other tickets to complete his collection. And Rick is clearly interested. "Olympic items are almost always collectible, but what makes this special is its age," he explains. "We get stuff from the '50s and the '70s, but from the early 1900s? Rarely." With Rick, Corey, and Mike all gushing about the ticket, negotiations begin.

Rick Harrison secures the Olympics ticket for the Shop

Rick Harrison looks eager to buy the 1900 Olympics entry ticket, so Mike, the seller, begins the negotiations. He gives his target price of $200, but Rick quickly counters with $100 because, of course, he does. But — unbeknownst to Rick — that's already the price Mike said he'd gladly take for the ticket. So, trying hard to conceal his excitement, he counters with $150 for it, saying, "It's probably the oldest Olympic ticket you'll find." The two settle on $125 for the ticket, and both parties are happy with the deal.

Although this 1900 Paris Olympics entry ticket may not be one of the most expensive items to ever be bought on "Pawn Stars," it's small deals like this that really add up to earn America's favorite pawnbrokers some serious wealth. And if the sellers walk away happy too, all the better!