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The Olympic Coat That Went For Hundreds On Pawn Stars

During a Season 4 episode of "Pawn Stars," Rick Harrison took a gamble by purchasing a toggle coat the seller claimed was worn by an American athlete during the 1956 Winter Olympics. The seller found the article of clothing at a thrift store, and the white wool coat had the United States emblem embroidered on it. Inside tags also indicated it was an authentic piece, which was issued during the event held at Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. The 1956 Winter Olympics is notable because it marked the first appearance of the Soviet Union (USSR) and was the first broadcast on television across the world. 

The seller felt the coat was worth at least $1,200 but was willing to negotiate. While Rick wasn't immediately able to confirm the coat's authenticity or value, he paid the seller $850 to obtain it. When he was finally able to have it assessed, he got quite a surprise at its estimated value.

The coat was worth an estimated $800

"Pawn Stars" cast member Rick Harrison felt the Olympic coat was a rare find, even though the piece was missing its attachable hood. "In 1956, there were only 24 events in the Winter Olympics," Rick explained during the episode. "Fewer events meant fewer athletes, so this has to be rare." 

Rick later had the coat assessed by Jeremy Brown, the owner of Ultimate Sports Cards & Memorabilia in Las Vegas, who verified it was authentic. As far as the value, he noted the jacket was likely worth approximately $800. The garment would have been worth more if it had the attachable hood and could be linked to a specific athlete, especially one who had won a medal. When Rick pointed out he'd paid $850 for the coat, Jeremy said, "These are rare and unique, so you might be able to turn it for something." 

The episode, titled "Poker Night," is available for streaming on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and The History Channel website.