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Snow White Live-Action Remake Release Date, Cast, Director And More Details

Disney has spent much of the last decade remaking its animated classics as live-action features. Now, they're going back to the beginning by transforming 1937's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" into a three-dimensional epic. This remake has been in the works for many years now; word of it initially emerged all the way back in 2016. Fans were patient as the years sped by, despite the fact that news was often thin on the ground. Finally, they were rewarded with robust production details, a cast list, and a solid release date.

What kind of tale will this modern "Snow White" tell? How closely will it stick to the source material? Who will write it, direct it, and act it out? Fans are full of questions, and rightly so — this is, after all, a remake of the movie that built the House of Mouse. Stick with us — we've got the answers. This is everything you need to know about "Snow White."

When will Snow White be released?

Fans have waited a long time for news on "Snow White." Years went by without so much as a whisper of development details or production updates. But now, Disney-holics everywhere have a day to circle on their calendar. Unfortunately, it's pretty far away.

"Snow White" was initially set to hit theaters on March 22, 2024. But, due to SAG-AFTRA strike, Disney decided to push back some of their feature films. That includes the live-action "Snow White" remake, which has been shuffled all the way back to March 21, 2025. The "Snow White" news was accompanied by an update that Disney/Pixar would also be pushing back their upcoming project, "Elio," all the way to June 13, 2025. In other words, Disney fans will have to wait a bit to see some of their most anticipated movies.

What is the plot of Snow White?

Like Disney's other live-action remakes, "Snow White" promises to bring the original tale into the modern day. If you don't recall the events of the 1937 film, allow us to remind you. Snow White is a pure-hearted young princess who lives with her cruel stepmother, the Queen. When the Queen's magic mirror declares Snow White the "fairest in the land," rather than the Queen herself, the malignant monarch commands her huntsman to murder Snow White. The huntsman refuses, and Snow White flees into the woods, where she meets seven friendly dwarfs. But the Queen soon finds her there, and tempts her into biting a cursed apple. Its flesh sends her into an eternal slumber — but luckily, a handsome prince is able to revive her with true love's kiss. The Queen is defeated, the dwarfs are happy, and Snow White rides off with her newfound love.

If Disney's other remakes are anything to go by, "Snow White" is likely to recreate the major beats of this plot with some modern updates. The titular princess will play a more active role in the film, for one thing. As star Rachel Zegler told Collider, "There's a couple of scenes in there where she's speaking like someone who's been alive for much longer than she has, and that's something that I relate to, something that I've been told all my life." More details regarding Snow White's past and the Queen's place in her life could also emerge; Disney took a similar tack in "Beauty and the Beast" and both "Maleficent" movies. Whatever we get, it's sure to be good.

Who is starring in Snow White?

A remake as big as "Snow White" demands a dazzling lead. Luckily, the film has found one in Rachel Zegler. Zegler might be young, but she's already amassed a number of impressive credits: She blew audiences away as Maria in "West Side Story," Anthea in "Shazam! Fury of the Gods," and Lucy Gray Baird in "The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes." She's also hugely passionate about bringing new life to Snow White. "Something that kind of emerged was this leader within her that I was so happy that the writers wanted her to be," Zegler told Collider, "and the fact that it's born out of her upbringing, but she finds it within herself throughout the course of the film ... Marc Webb and I kind of called it her third eye opening."

Zegler will be joined by Gal Gadot, who will play the Evil Queen. This will be a major change for the superstar, who's best known for portraying the heroic Wonder Woman in DCEU films like "Justice League," Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," and, of course, "Wonder Woman." But we're betting she can handle the arch-villain with aplomb. Zegler and Gadot will work alongside Ansu Kabia (the Huntsman), Martin Klebba (Grumpy), and Andrew Burnap (Jonathan).

Who is writing and directing Snow White?

Marc Webb will be helming "Snow White." Disney fans couldn't hope for a better director: Webb is experienced, versatile, and visionary. His feature film debut, "500 Days of Summer," made a lasting mark on the world of film with its melancholic, whimsical, and stirring romance. He went on to impress superhero fans with "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Recent years have seen him return to contemporary drama with "Gifted" and "The Only Living Boy in New York."

Who's penning the screenplay? Two incredibly exciting names have been attached to this duty: Erin Cressida Wilson and Greta Gerwig. Wilson has penned a plethora of dazzling films, including "Secretary," "Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus," and "The Girl on the Train." As for Gerwig — well, there's pretty much no way you don't know her name after summer 2023. She directed the Hollywood-rocking, season-defining, cinema-changing smash hit that is "Barbie." Her previous films, "Lady Bird" and "Little Women," also garnered oodles of praise and awards. Suffice it to say, "Snow White" is in good hands.