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The Rare Revolver Shotgun That Sold For A Small Fortune On Pawn Stars

Unique, antique firearms are often a big ticket item on History's hit reality series "Pawn Stars." For example, a pair of duck's foot pistols were worth more than the $35,000 Corey Harrison was willing to pay for them. However, rarely has there been anything like the LeMat pistol a seller brings into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Season 5.

The LeMat pistol is a very rare gun from the mid-1800s (only 3000 were ever made) with a very peculiar design. It has two barrels: One is a nine-shot, .42 caliber revolver, and the other is a shotgun. They were used by the Confederacy during the Civil War. Rick Harrison describes it as "one of the rarest guns in American history." In the 30 years he's been working at the shop, no one has ever brought one in before. Until now.

The seller, Rob, says he's never fired the gun, because LeMats are known for lacking "metal integrity," and he didn't want it to blow up in his hand like so many of them did during the war. But it's obviously very desirable to collectors of Civil War items — if it is authentic. Rob doesn't have any documentation, which makes the $20,000 he is asking a tough sell without an expert consultation.

This rare gun is worth big bucks

Rick calls in Mark Hall-Patton, the Clark County Museum administrator, who says he doesn't usually consult on firearms, but he does have experience with them. He tells Rob and the Harrisons that he knows a guy who fired a LeMat once, and it was a bad experience because of the recoil. "The center shot barrel is very hard on the person pulling the trigger," he says. "It's even harder on the person on the other end." Based on the gun's patent and serial number, Hall-Patton says it is authentic. However, it isn't in perfect condition, which makes it a little less valuable.

Rob drops his asking price to $13,500. Rick says that since it's missing some important markings, he doesn't think it would go for that much. He counters with $7000. Rob knows it is worth more, and gets Rick to go up to $9000. Rob, taking a page out of Rick's negotiation book, says the best he can do is $12,000. Rick says he'll go to $10,000, and even that might be too high. Rob can't do it, and walks.

After some consideration, Rob comes back, and he tells Rick that "the clouds parted, and a voice said 'take the dough,'" by which he means he went to a gun show and no one offered him more than $10,000 for it. Rick buys it and hands it to the Old Man to check out. He is impressed. "That's a good find," he says. That's about as enthusiastic as he ever got.