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Manifest Fans Just Got Their Hearts Broken Again

Mystery dramas can be downright agonizing to watch, as you wait for their secrets to unfold. However, viewers of NBC's "Manifest" have had it even rougher than most, as the tale of Flight 828 and its time-displaced passengers recently came to an extremely abrupt end. First, Season 3 of the show ended in some pretty dramatic cliffhangers. Then, fans learned that NBC had canceled "Manifest" altogether. 

Per Deadline, the show was quite successful, so many were likely caught off guard by its cancellation. Just like that, devoted fans of the drama went from appreciating its latest mind-bending developments to wondering whether they'll ever find out what was really going on. How much worse could things possibly get?

Quite a lot, it turns out. This particular mystery show seems to catch precisely zero breaks, because there's been a new development in the story — and, we're sad to report, "Manifest" fans just got their hearts broken again. 

Netflix didn't pick up "Manifest" after all

Though "Manifest" has gone through a wringer as of late, there has been one significant hope spot: The show's been pretty successful on a certain major streaming service, so there has been hope that Netflix will pick up "Manifest."  Unfortunately, that expectation has been in vain, because it looks like that's not going to happen (via Deadline). Right now, it seems that the cliffhanger-filled Season 3 ending is destined to pull awkward double duty as the mystery drama's series finale.

After long negotiations with Warner Bros. Television, Netflix has reportedly decided against reviving the show. As things stand, fans who are looking for a "Manifest" Season 4 might have to come to terms with the very real possibility of never getting one, because several complex contractual issues apparently mean that the content platform was the last chance "Manifest" had for a second lease in life. 

Barring any surprise developments, all that remains to be seen right now is whether the show's various mysteries will receive explanations in some way, at some point down the line. Here's hoping fans will get their answers, at the very least.