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How To Watch 3096 Days

Based on the true story of Natascha Kampusch, a 10-year-old who was kidnapped and kept hostage for eight years until she escaped, German drama "3096 Days" is a harrowing and painfully realistic movie about abuse and control. It was also the last project of screenwriter Bernd Eichinger, as well as the final feature of "Goodfellas" cinematographer Michael Ballhaus.

Lately, the film has found a second life years after its release, thanks to "Days" becoming a trend on TikTok, with users filming themselves watching it in horror, placing pop songs next to clips, and paying tribute with the hashtag #nataschakampusch. Clearly, the movie struck a chord with younger viewers sympathetic to Kampusch's plight.

Thanks to the film's lack of theatrical and media release in the States when it first premiered, it missed the chance to connect with American viewers. But if you'd like to experience "3096 Days" for yourself, here's how you can watch the movie.

3096 Days is available to physically purchase on Amazon

"3096 Days" isn't currently available to stream anywhere in the United States, though it is available in other countries. Unfortunately, the film is also not available to rent via any of the streaming services either, though it used to be on Google Play and Itunes.

Currently, the best way to watch "3096 Days" is to buy a Blu-Ray copy of the film from Amazon. Two imported versions are available: one restricted to Region A, which includes the United States, and a region-free copy. The latter typically costs a bit less than the Region A version, but you may find different results depending on the seller/vendor. Be careful to check which editions of the movie will work with your Blu-Ray player, though both versions on Amazon should work with a player built for the United States. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that any of the DVD editions work in the United States.

If you're curious about the truth behind the dramatized film, a short documentary, "Natascha Krampusch: The Whole Story", featuring interviews with Natascha Krampusch herself, is currently streaming on Netflix.