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What Is The Song In The Lovesac 'A Lifetime Of Comfort' Commercial?

Sectionals are seriously inspiring. No kidding. Forget for a moment your feelings about Louis C.K.'s #MeToo-moment downfall, and reflect on his treatment of sectionals in an undeniably funny 2017 SNL sketch. He saw this style of furniture and was moved to create. Really, it's the same message Lovesac is sending in their "A Lifetime of Comfort" commercial. Move these babies around, and you can basically create your own setup, however you want it. As the song says, "We're gonna make it. Who says we can't?"

Speaking of the song, it adds a pleasantly positive vibe over images of a family wrecking their pristine new pieces. Mom splashes her red wine. Teens toss popcorn with wild abandon. A wet dog appears out of nowhere to shake mud all over the place. If frequent follow-up images of cloth covers going into the washing machine don't convince us to relax, at least we can lean into the song, reminding us of our grit and resilience — provided we stick together, that is.

Too much credit for just a jingle? Well, that's the thing. It's no accident when a song has commercial appeal. It took artists with vision to create a tune that enhances the Lovesac ad.

Forever Friends is finding fame

The song in the Lovesac ad has a name — "Together" — and it focuses on universal ideals of positivity, connection, and friendship. The producer behind it is Jens Bergmark of Peace Bisquit Production and Management, a Brooklyn-based company that's the wizard behind other projects featuring well-known artists including Sia, Lenny Kravitz, Christina Aguilera, and Laverne Cox.

But who's the talent singing and playing "Together"? That would be the band Forever Friends, and they're a bit of a mystery. Their name and their song indicate deep values around the bonds of friendship. We know the artists include Kodie Kabinejad, Lukas Meijer, and Julia Ögren, who teamed with Bergmark to write the tune. We know Kabinejad sings the song and Meijer plays guitar. Honestly, though, that's all there is to say about a band that's virtually footprint-free online. 

Forever Friends may not be fully famous yet, but they're gaining traction, with nearly 3 million views of the 15-second ad on Lovesac's YouTube channel and enough impact to inspire both love and hate from viewers. Our opinion: A band that believes in the strength of friendship can stick together and support one another, even if things get messy. Come on out of hiding, Forever Friends. Show us what else you've got.