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What Two 500-Year-Old Poleaxes Were Actually Worth On Pawn Stars

Pretty often on History's long-running reality hit "Pawn Stars," people come into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with stuff they're sure is very valuable but turns out to be worth a lot less than they thought. Most sellers take the disappointment pretty well, but sometimes they get angry, like the guy who tried to sell Corey Harrison two 500-year-old poleaxes he believed were worth thousands of dollars each.

In the Season 8 episode "The Chum-Sake," a man named Davis comes into the shop with two halberds, long, bladed weapons he says are from the 1500s. He bought them in the medieval German town of Dinkelsbühl. He wants $7,500 apiece, which Corey is unwilling to pay without an expert consultation. He calls in military antiques expert Craig Gottlieb, who bursts Davis' bubble. Gottlieb says one of the weapons was actually a decorative replica made in the much more recent Victorian era and was only worth a few hundred dollars. The other was a genuine Austrian halberd from the 1500s that still would only retail for about $1,500.

Davis was so mad. "Uh, no," he said, as Corey and Chumlee laughed with glee at the conflict unfolding in front of them. "They're worth a lot more than that. If you think you can find these on the internet for $1,500, knock yourself out, because it's not going to happen."

Corey made Davis an offer for $1,500. "Apiece?" Davis said. "No, total," Corey answered. "I'm not interested at all," Davis said. He took his poleaxes and stormed out of the store. "You couldn't buy that for $1,500 if you just found it in the ground rusted," he complained nonsensically.

Commenters cut the poleaxe guy down to size

The comments on YouTube are very funny, mocking Davis for his insistence that he knows better than the experts.

"Some guy in Germany swindled this American tourist out of THOUSANDS lmaoooo," one commenter wrote. "Don't think you're an expert just because you do 'research.'" "The guy originally overpaid for them and now he's mad at the shop for his mistake," wrote commenter Call Me Marcus. A commenter named RTF666 wrote a joke imagining what they would say if they were as mad as Davis: "That's an insult to the Dinkelsbühl poleaxe community."

Another commenter wrote out a little play between Corey and Davis: "Guy: buys $10 bill for $30 / Corey: 'I'll give you $7 for it.' / Guy: 'You don't know what you're talking about. I paid $30 for it. You're undervaluing it.'"

Other commenters pointed out that Davis is actually a "Pawn Stars" regular who always comes in with medieval weapons and always gets mad when they're worth less than he wants, like the time he refused to take less than $12,000 for an old crossbow. Davis hates when he sees Craig Gottlieb coming, because he knows he's gonna lose some money he'd already made in his head.