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Did Marvel Just Accidentally Leak A Huge Spoiler In Loki's Credits?

During the events of "Avengers: Endgame," our team of titular heroes accidentally created a variant version of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) who escaped from the clutches of S.H.I.E.L.D. shortly after the events of "The Avengers." And variants, it seems, are not uncommon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When we meet up with this new Loki in the Disney+ series "Loki," we discover that there's an entire organization called the Time Variance Authority which exists to protect a sacred timeline — and that means getting rid of any pesky variant versions of Marvel characters.

Right from the start, we were shown that there's more than one variant Loki out there. By the end of Episode 2, we were all aware that the TVA spent quite a lot of time tracking down variant Lokis. And what we thought we knew by the close of the second episode, titled "The Variant," was that the Loki variant responsible for taking out TVA Minutemen and destroying the sacred timeline was a blonde woman.

But what if we told you that Marvel may have accidentally revealed that this new, towheaded character isn't a Variant Loki at all? Here's the potential slipup that might reveal what's really going on with the "new Loki."

Sylvie and a hint at what's to come on Loki

The hypothetical Loki the TVA is chasing after is played by Sophia DiMartino. If you know your comics, you know that, while female variants of Loki do exist, the one we're most familiar with has black hair, just like her male counterpart. And while that doesn't necessarily mean anything on its own, coupled with a strange accreditation, people are beginning to wonder if this Loki isn't Loki at all.

While during the English-language credits, DiMartino's character is credited only as "The Variant," during the Castillian Spanish segment of the credits, her character is listed as being named "Sylvie" — and that's never been Lady Loki's name. "Sylvie" is, however, the name of a character in Marvel Comics with blonde hair who is directly linked with Loki in a contentious way.

In the realm of Marvel Comics, Sylvie Lushton is one of the characters who goes by the name "Enchantress." In Sylvie's case, she takes on that moniker after discovering she has magical powers shortly after the citizens of Asgard form a new settlement in her state of Oklahoma, as seen in "Dark Reign: Young Avengers" Vol.1 #3. But the twist is that Sylvie's powers don't come from just anywhere — they come from Loki, who secretly gifted Sylvie her abilities just to see what would happen. Sylvie in the comics wasn't a huge Loki fan, and if this new character on "Loki" is Sylvie, this version of her likely isn't a fan of Loki, either.

And since we know there are multiple Loki variants out there, it's entirely possible that one of them (or, indeed, even the original Loki) gifted this character we saw at the end of "Loki" Episode 2 her powers. That could certainly explain in part why Cailey Fleming from "The Walking Dead" was announced as having been cast as "Young Sylvie." Perhaps we'll see how Loki and Sylvie first meet!

We may yet see a Lady Loki similar to the comic version before the series completes its story, but it's already looking as though the female Loki we've met so far isn't actually Loki at all.