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Oh Hell No - What We Know So Far

What if you're a grown man and you suddenly had a new stepfather potentially entering your life? That's the hook for next year's comedy "Oh Hell No," just announced by Sony (per Hollywood Reporter).

Directed by "Bad Trip" filmmaker Kitao Sakurai, "Oh Hell No" follows Will and the escalating discomfort which ensues after Sherman falls in love with Will's mother. Will only has one thing to say about it — hence the title. Knowing the history of two of the stars, which includes the "Barbershop" films, "School of Rock," "Kung Fu Panda", and "Friday," the movie sounds like the kind of perfect, silly escapist comedy everybody always needs.

Fans of this kind of summer retreat are dying to know more details, including when the film is getting released, who will be part of the cast, and what else could happen in the sstory. Here's all the information we currently have about Sony's upcoming comedy, "Oh Hell No."

What's the release date for Oh Hell No?

According to Deadline, "Oh Hell No" will be released as part of Sony's summer lineup on Friday, July 1st, 2022.

That makes sense, as the film will take about a year to complete, including pre-production, shooting and production, post-production (including editing and reshoots), and marketing. Things will also depend on if the movie is ready for July — release dates get delayed if the crew and studio decide the film isn't working or needs reshoots. If that happens, "Oh Hell No" could come out later in 2022 or see a release as part of 2023 instead.

For the moment, "Oh Hell No" seems primed to be a huge summer comedy for the studio, especially if the two stars are able to deliver the same audiences that came to see them in "Ride Along" and "Jumanji" (more on them below). This kind of comedy is perfect for a potential hit in the middle of the hottest movie season.

Who's in the cast of Oh Hell No?

Unfortunately, little is known about the cast, except for Ice Cube and Jack Black starring as Will and Spencer, respectively. Sony hasn't released any other information about who will appear in "Oh Hell No," and no other cast members are listed on the IMDb page for the film.

We're also unsure about other characters who'll be in the movie, save for one: Will's mother. The mother is very important to the plot and deserves a strong – and funny – older actress in the part. Maybe the great CCH Pounder, or Alfre Woodard (Pam Grier also seems like a good left-field choice)? Viewers will have to wait and see who lands the role, but hopefully Sony picks wisely here.

Otherwise, Sony will likely release casting decisions for "Oh Hell No" over the course of the next year until the July release date, though hopefully sooner rather than later.

What's the plot of Oh Hell No?

Ultimately, we don't have much other plot information about "Oh Hell No" save for what the studio has released: Spencer falls head over heels in love with Will's mother, much to Will's chagrin, and presumably, things lead to Cube saying the title phrase a whole lot. Sony is otherwise likely waiting until production is further along to release plot details.

The hiring of "Bad Trip" director Kitao Sakurai is exciting, as the Netflix film used hidden cameras to get real, unrehearsed reactions from unwitting extras and bystanders. Maybe "Oh Hell No" will use similar techniques to escalate things between Cube and Black, or Sakurai is merely there to bring some of the visual panache he gave "The Eric Andre Show" and "Dave" to the film.

Either way, we'll find out more once "Oh Hell No" begins shooting, and then we'll get to judge the film for ourselves when it hits theaters next year on July 1.