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Will Vin Diesel Really Star In The Avatar Sequels?

Unobtanium is great and all — in the world of "Avatar," the power generated by the alien element allows humans to engage in interstellar trade, while also providing Earth with a clean energy source. But ask anyone in the parking lot of a bar where they do line dancing on weekday nights and they'll be happy to tell you: All the clean energy in the world can't beat a little Diesel. Or something. The point is, Vin Diesel's name has been in Pandora's orbit for some time, with rumors of his involvement in James Cameron's sci-fi epic making the rounds on the internet a quarter mile at a time. The subject came up during a recent interview between the "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor and MTV News, in which questions about the possibility of a journey to the Alpha Centauri system had Diesel understandably tight lipped.

At least, he tried to be. A little nudge from reporter Josh Horowitz brought out a borderline giddy amount of excitement from Diesel. If you ever thought that the Pandoran jungles could benefit from a few more Groot saplings, you'll probably be excited, too.

Gosh it sounds like Vin Diesel is headed to Pandora

Expressing an undying affection for the work of James Cameron, MTV News asked whether Vin Diesel had shot any scenes for the upcoming "Avatar" sequels. Diesel, with roughly the same energy that you see in a kid who knows what their mom is getting for Mother's Day but super-duper promised not to tell, said of Cameron "I have spent time with him, but" — this is the important part — "I have not filmed yet."

If that "yet" sounds loaded to you, you're not alone. "So will Vin Diesel be in the 'Avatar' sequels?" Horowitz said, digging in for a big reveal and causing Diesel to rock back and forth, smiling more than anyone has ever seen him smile. After an unearthly, pregnant pause and a few of those sounds that Jerry Lewis used to make when he was acting confused, Diesel replied "I love James Cameron. I love James Cameron and I love the series, and I think it's safe to say that we will be working together."

Boy it sure sounds like Vin Diesel is going to be in the "Avatar" sequels. Then again, maybe it's nothing. And maybe that video that he posted of himself hanging out with James Cameron on the set of the "Avatar" sequels in 2019 was just the result of one of those zany coincidences where one of the biggest movie stars in the world just so happens to stumble onto one of the most secretive movie shoots in history. Stranger things have happened. Paul Bettany once punched Tom Hanks so hard that he got gas. Hollywood is a crazy place.