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American Horror Story Fans Decide The Best Toxic Duo

The course of true love never did run smooth, especially on "American Horror Story." There are more toxic pairings in the nine seasons of "AHS" than there are wigs in Sarah Paulson's closet. When the most stable relationship on your whole TV show is a throuple that was abducted by aliens, that says something.

Where to begin with the toxicity of "AHS" pairings? The first season centered, in many ways, on the unraveling marriage of the Harmons, Ben (Dylan McDermott) and Vivien (Connie Britton). Then there's Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson) in "Coven," a witch who was married to a witch hunter (Josh Hamilton). Cordelia's own mother, Fiona (Jessica Lange), blinds her at one point, lest we forget.

Many of the toxic relationships can be read as a critique of the "traditional" heterosexual marriage and nuclear family — so much yuckiness lurking beneath the surface of what society thinks is the perfect coupling. However, even queer relationships on "AHS" are doomed. "Cult" has the Mayfair-Richards couple (Sarah Paulson and Alison Pill), whose lives are destroyed by politics. And the Murder House was owned at one point by a gay couple that have all eternity to hate each other now. Friendships, sibling relationships, even grandmother-grandchild relations on "AHS" are toxic.

However, a poll on Reddit shows that viewers have decided a different "Murder House" ship was the worst of them all.

Fans think Violet and Tate are a match made in hell

As the first cycle of the show, "Murder House" set the blueprint for everything that was to come. The rules of ghosts and haunted houses in the show are made clear. We meet most of the character actors that we'll come to know and love over the years. Not to mention, we learn one universal truth of "AHS" — don't trust pretty boys. 

Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) starts "AHS" seeming like a quirky boy next door type. We come to learn that (one) he doesn't live next door, (two) he's dead inside the Harmon's house, and (three) he's a sociopath. Tate woos Violet Harmon (Taissa Farmiga), but he also sexually assaults her mother. And the child of that assault? The literal antichrist.

It eventually is revealed that Tate became a ghost in the Murder House after committing a mass shooting at his school. He was killed by a SWAT team in the house, thus trapping his ghost there forever. When Violet discovers this, she attempts suicide. Or that's what she thinks: in fact, Tate keeps secret from Violet that she actually completed her suicide attempt, and has also become a ghost in the Murder House now, just like him. 

And yet, their chemistry carries over. In "Apocalypse," the two reconnect after it's discovered that Satan was making everyone who lived in the Murder House behave more violently than they would under normal circumstances. Of course, Mallory's time travel shenanigans undid all that, so Violet and Tate are still not on speaking terms in the "AHS"-verse. It's for all these reasons that the aforementioned Reddit poll found the Tate/Violet pairing the favorite toxic duo.