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Marry Me - What We Know So Far

News of Jennifer Lopez's major multi-year Netflix deal (via Deadline) is a great reminder that she has a very busy schedule for at least the next year or so. Among the many projects she'll be starring in that are coming out in that time frame is the high-concept romantic comedy "Marry Me," adapted from Bobby Crosby's graphic novel series of the same name that ran from 2007 to 2014. Lopez, who both stars in and is a producer on "Marry Me," is no stranger to the world of rom-coms, but it has been a hot minute since we've watched her thrive in this space. 

Luckily, the multi-hyphenate star will be joining an equally starry cast and crew to bring Crosby's multi-novel epic romance to the big screen. One notable behind-the-lens name on this Universal Pictures feature is Kat Coiro, who serves as director. Coiro's background is primarily in comedy television, but has worked on shows with a much different energy to the one we'll likely see in "Marry Me." Previously, Coiro has directed episodes of popular shows including "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and "Modern Family," and "Dead to Me," and will soon pivot to directing the Marvel Disney+ show "She-Hulk." It will be interesting to see how Coiro brings her directing sensibilities to a big, splashy rom-com like "Marry Me" given that it's not quite like anything she's directed before. Another key piece of the behind-the-lens team is the screenwriting trio adapting Crosby's work: John Rogers ("Catwoman"), Tami Sagher ("30 Rock"), and Harper Dill ("The Mindy Project"). 

But there are additional details about "Marry Me" to delve into, including what we know about the release date, the cast, and the plot.

When will Marry Me be released?

"Marry Me" has faced a few release date pushes, including one related to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on theatrical chains and the uncertainty around when it would be safe to return to theaters nationwide. Per a September 2020 report from The Wrap, Universal Pictures originally scheduled "Marry Me" for a February 12, 2021, theatrical release. The timing on this original release date was pretty darn perfect, considering the rom-com would be hitting theaters just in time for Valentine's Day weekend. Around the same time this February 2021 release date was announced, Universal Pictures released a teaser trailer (via YouTube) featuring brief shots of Lopez and her co-stars with the original release date attached.

Then, in November 2020, Deadline reported that "Marry Me" would be moving from its February 12 slot to a new release date: May 12, 2021. Included in Deadline's report at the time was insider commentary that the movie had tested so well that Universal was moved to make it more of a major event in their 2021 slate, a move that would pay off best during the summertime. Finally, in the very early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Hollywood Reporter alerted readers that Universal opted to move "Marry Me" out of its May 2021 slot and into a Valentine's Day weekend 2022 slot — February 11, 2022, to be precise — which means the Lopez rom-com will get to have the romantic theatrical debut Universal originally envisioned after all. 

Who is in the cast of Marry Me?

The cast of "Marry Me" is pretty much the exact cast you'd want for a rom-com that's as splashy as this one will be. Lopez, who previously starred in charming 2000s flicks like "The Wedding Planner" and "Maid in Manhattan," will play renowned pop star Kat Valdez. Owen Wilson will star opposite Lopez as Charlie Gilbert, an average guy Kat ends up marrying instead of the famous singer she is engaged to. Wilson is a seasoned comedy star, racking up credits in laugh riots like "Wedding Crashers" and "Zoolander," but "Marry Me" is the rare rom-com entry on his resumé that makes his casting in the movie all the more exciting. Colombian singer/songwriter Maluma will make his feature film acting debut as Bastian, an equally famous and beloved pop star who Kat is set to marry at the beginning of "Marry Me."

Additional cast for "Marry Me" includes Chloe Coleman ("Big Little Lies," "My Spy") will play Charlie's daughter, Lou; Sarah Silverman plays Parker Debbs; Utkarsh Ambudkar ("Pitch Perfect") plays Coach Manny; John Bradley ("Game of Thrones") will play Colin Calloway; Brady Noon ("The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers") plays George; and Jimmy Fallon will make an appearance as himself.

What is the plot of Marry Me?

The "Marry Me" feature film adaptation will stick to the basic premise of author Bobby Crosby's graphic novel series of the same name (as summarized on Goodreads), wherein a pop star picks a random guy out of the crowd at one of her concerts and ends up marrying him. However, since the "Marry Me" movie was announced back in April 2019 (via Deadline), we've had some more specific details about the feature film adaptation which help to flesh out our understanding of how this random marriage will come to be. In "Marry Me," Lopez's character, Kat Valdez, is planning to marry fellow pop star Bastian. The celebrity couple falls apart on the day they're set to wed in front of a massive audience when Kat learns Bastian has been cheating on her. 

Not wanting to be the jilted bride left at the altar, Kat goes through with the marriage but ends up picking out a random man — in this case, average teacher Charlie Gilbert (Wilson) — from the crowd to marry instead. The wedding happens, and in the days and weeks after they say their "I do"'s, Kat and Charlie have to navigate the various obstacles that come with the unique circumstances of their marriage and their personal lives.